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Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

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Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

What You Should Know When Getting Classic Car Insurance


Looking for the right specialty car insurance does not have to be complicated. Here are some things you should know before you start shopping for the best classic car insurance for collectible cars.

You may encounter terms like agreed value insurance, actual cash value and stated value. Classic car insurance companies usually use agreed value and stated value for appraising your car. Agreed value is a fixed value you and the insurance company agrees on. Both actual cash value and stated value depreciate in time. The difference between the two is that in stated value, you are able to put a price on your car, instead of just letting the insurance company appraise your car.

When reading policies, you may want to look into the considerations included in a specialty car coverage. These considerations may differ from one antique car insurance company to another. You may see some of these things in your policy:

  •     To be considered for specialty car insurance coverage, the car should be of a certain age. Some companies would consider your car for this kind of insurance if it is older than 10 years old.
  •     You should have a car you use for everyday driving and the classic car should only be driven for a number of miles in a year.
  •     You should use the car on specific conditions only.

Classic Car Ins can help you find the best classic car insurance coverage for your car. Get your free antique car insurance quote from them today.

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is Vice President of Classic Automobile Insurance Agency, Inc. Classic Automobile Insurance Agency has been protecting collector, classic and exotics since 1992.

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