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[Video] Custom 4-Door Bronco Unique Tribute to Ford Motor Company

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No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. “How many times have you ever seen a four-door Bronco?” Rick Drewry asks us just before talking with Eric from Maxlider Brothers Customs for Classic Auto. Not many, that’s certain. Yet this custom four-door creation wows everyone at WOW Indianapolis. “We build Broncos for customers all over the world,” Eric says, “and when Ford announced that they were going to come out with a 2020 Bronco, we wanted to tip our cap to them and say thank you.” Eric explains how they chop a Bronco in half, add two doors, give it a powerful new motor and coat it all in a fresh paint job from bumper to bumper. His company is known for these types of jaw-dropping inspirations that update classic Broncos. Thanks, indeed.

Instant Social Celebrity

“We’re blessed to have a huge social media following,” Eric says, as fans take immediate notice of this unique beast. “When images started to circulate … my phone started to ring a lot with people wanting to get their hands on one.” If you want one of these custom creations, you’d better act fast. There’s already a list of people who want the Maxlider-version-four-door Bronco of their own. Eric and his team are already envisioning taking their creation one step further. In fact, they want to push the design of the Bronco as far as possible, beyond any boundaries that have ever been explored before. Picture this: suicide doors, like the old Lincoln Continental.

Sneak Peek at Broncos to Come

Eric explains he and his crew want to show Ford – and all Bronco fans – what it looks like when the classic style of a vintage Bronco is paired with the power of a modern drivetrain. This creature is 100% unique in its custom design, based on the body of the classic Bronco. It’s meant to honor the possibilities of many new Broncos to come. Plus, rumor has it the new 2020 Bronco is going to have four doors. So, in a way, this customized Bronco is like getting a sneak peek at the new model. “We thought – let’s give an example of how cool this could be,” Eric says, “and the response has been overwhelming.”

Ingenuity Reigns at Maxlider Brothers Customs

Get familiar with Maxlider Brothers Customs by taking a look at their work online (here’s a link to the fabulous four-door Bronco) or hit them up on Facebook and Instagram under Maxlider Motors. Get ready to have your mind blown. These guys are Ford Bronco restoration specialists, putting a huge amount of time and expertise into groundbreaking new takes on the beloved Bronco. They also welcome other Bronco lovers to post photos of their own and join the shared experience of honoring an American classic.

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