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Winter Maintenance for Your Classic Car

Winter Maintenance Tips

Classic cars are timeless and priceless possessions that need proper care and maintenance. Here are some maintenance tips for your vintage car so that its value appreciates for the maximum return on your investment.

Why maintenance is required

  • High resale value: For most car collectors, vintage cars are an investment as the value of a vintage car appreciates with time. A well-maintained car speaks a thousand words about the original condition of the vehicle. A vintage car with original parts fetches a higher value than one with modern parts.

  • Peace of mind: A well-maintained car will not be as prone to breakdown and will also cost less to fuel.

  • Parts are rare: Sometimes parts of a vintage car are very difficult to find. That is why it is all the more important that such cars be maintained so that the need for a part replacement is minimized.

  • Winter is approaching: During the extreme cold of winter, vintage cars need extra care since they are not driven often. If classic cars are not cared for in the winter, they will no longer be fun to ride in the summer.

Tips for maintaining classic cars

  • Keep clean - A car needs good detailing before storage, including both the undercarriage and outside. Cleaning removes dirt, grime, salt and other things which lessen the shine of the paint and also reduce the life of the car. Usually classic car enthusiasts wash their cars after every drive. Bird droppings are very corrosive for the paint of the car.

  • Wax often - A car with its original paint is much desirable than re-sprayed paint. In order to maintain the original paint, a car needs to be polished weekly with a good wax. This will cut the connection between body of the car and outside moisture. The underseal should be given a fresh paint annually.

  • Protect from extremities - A classic car needs to be kept in a place that is neither too hot nor too cold, such as a climate-controlled garage. When keeping the car in a garage for a longer time, roll down the windows a bit to allow ventilation. Also, cover the car with a soft cotton cloth or car cover, being careful so that stones or other particles do not stick to the cloth and chaff the paint.

  • Engine maintenance - Engines of classic cars need special care and maintenance. If the car is not in use for a long time, it is advisable that the fuel be mixed with fuel stabilizer to keep the carburetor clean and ensure a smoother drive. Also, engine oil should be replaced after a long period of storage. After the oil is replaced, start the engine so that fresh oil circulates and makes a protective shield against corrosion.

  • Take a drive - A monthly drive  will keep the parts in running condition, and hence prevent the parts from corrosion.

  • Battery removal - If the car is not in use for a long period, remove the battery completely from the engine compartment. After removing the battery, the battery tray and the battery terminals should be cleaned and waxed with Vaseline. In order to ensure long life for the battery, make sure it is charged every 3-4 months.

  • Tire care - For winter storage, a car needs to be raised from tires and rested on car axles, which in turn should be placed on wooden blocks. The car should be stored with hand brakes and gears off. The pressure of the tires should also be reduced to about 25 psi during winter.

What other winter maintenance tips do you have for fellow classic car enthusiasts? Tweet us your tips to @ClassicAutoIns and you could be featured in a future blog post!

Remember to insure your vintage vehicle year round for the best protection. Contact us for more information on affordable classic car insurance policies for your collector car.

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