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What Can Damage Your Classic Car?

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What Can Cause Damage To A Classic Car Collection?

Fox News just released a story titled the Five Things That Will Kill Your Classic Car. In this article, they highlighted several things that cause damage or disrepair to the cars you hold so dear in your collections. We want to share this list with you because we think it is important for fellow car collectors as well as expand on it by adding more of our own thoughts.

  1. The first thing they listed as a “killer” is non-use. If your car just sits in a garage, parts fall into disrepair, rust becomes a real threat, batteries corrode, seals leak, and tires wear thin spots from sitting too long. If you want to keep your car in ideal shape, it is actually best to take it out once in a while and drive it for small amounts of time, just to keep the proverbial juices flowing.

  2. Next, they list improper storage and rodents as real threats to your classic car. If you forget to, or improperly drain fluids, it leads to fairly rapid deterioration in your classic. If you are leaving your car in a place where rodents have ready access, you can expect to find chewed spots, and damage caused by them.

  3. They cover road salts as the next real threat. Neglecting to wash your car thoroughly after taking it out for a weather-encountering spin will result in oxidation of your paint job. It cost enough to paint that car the first time; don’t make yourself have to do it again.

  4. Old tires take the number four spot, with infrequent driving causing tires to look deceptively safe. Tires can dry-rot without any visible signs, and they can also develop serious weak spots, causing them to bust very easily. Not only is a blown tire an unnecessary expense for you to repair, it can also damage the underbelly or side panels of your car when it happens.

  5. The last classic car killer they list is the bad driving habits of individual owners. If you have a habit of redlining your car, starting it up and taking off while it’s still cold, or generally being too rough on your classic, you may be doing more extensive damage to the engine than you realize.

For the full details of each of the “killers” Fox lists, check out their original article.

We would also add a few things to this list, including:

  • Non-original parts: While you may have to upgrade with some new parts when you are completing a restoration, there’s no quicker way to kill the value of a car than by replacing original parts with cheaper, less quality pieces. If you have to replace originals rather than restoring them, make sure to find parts as close to the originals as possible, even if that means paying more for those parts. This will help ensure resale value, and will also maintain better function and life of your car. You can’t replace with parts that were not original, and expect them to function in the same way.

  • Inadequate security: You can’t keep your classic car just sitting in your driveway, or unwatched at a show. There’s no quicker way to get your car stolen, or have it vandalized, or even damaged by weather. Cars should be kept secure, locked in a garage, or watched with a close eye. We always recommend security systems for your storage facility, but at the very minimum, keep your garage locked.

  • Improper insurance coverage: You wouldn’t believe how many people on the road are driving with inadequate insurance coverage, policies that do not meet the needs of their driving habits, or don’t cover the true value of their car. If you are unsure about the adequacy of your classic car insurance policy, give Classic Auto a call today at 888-901-1338. We can help you customize a policy for your car, provide you with agreed value, roadside assistance, and other various perks, as we also assist you in lowering your monthly costs, giving you more capital to spend directly on your collection.

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 is Vice President of Classic Automobile Insurance Agency, Inc. Classic Automobile Insurance Agency has been protecting collector, classic and exotics since 1992.

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