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We Honor Those Who Fell, Those Who Fought and Those Who Defend

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In honor of this day, we are taking a break from our usual classic car stories to pause and remember those who fell on Sept. 11th, 2001. The tragedy and devastation of that day still leave us speechless and we think these pictures pretty well sum up the destruction and heartbreak that remain.

Remembering September 11Remembering September 11 - World Trade Center Police Car

Remembering September 11

We realize that these are just pictures of the cars that were either damaged or used in rescue attempts on that day, but we feel that they represent the fallen and the heroes who fought to rescue survivors.

The melted cars remind us of the 3000+ people who were killed in those terrorist attacks.

The fire trucks and police cars help us to remember the brave men and women who fought the fires, tore away the mess, and challenged their fears to help rescue those who were trapped and injured. They also help us pause to remember that over 400 of our civil servants lost their lives that day while they were fearlessly working to rescue those in danger.

Our hearts still break over the loss of life and the devastation that was poured out on the citizens of our nation that day. We are thankful for those who fought bravely to rescue, and those who still fight bravely to defend. Do you have a story to share about 9/11? If so, we’d love to hear it. Share your stories with us on social media and let’s take some time to reflect together.

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