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Vintage Volkswagen Club of America

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The Vintage Volkswagen Club of America offers members fun events, a tight-knit community, and exclusive membership benefits. The club celebrates all Volkswagens, but they primarily focus on air-cooled vintage Volkswagens. The VVWCA emphasizes the importance of commemorating the history and technology associated with Volkwagen, and they also celebrate the growing community of Volkswagen enthusiasts. 

The club has a plethora of information for out-of-production Volkswagens, making it an ideal club for anyone wanting to learn about vintage Volkswagens or looking to purchase one. The club also produces a bi-monthly newsletter that’s perfect for anyone looking to learn more about vintage Volkswagens. The Vintage Voice features different classic Volkswagens as well as different tech tips, VW history, and VW event articles. 

The VVWCA features many chapter clubs that host numerous events across the United States. Those who attend the different chapter events can meet up with like-minded Volkswagen lovers and pay homage to these classic vehicles. 

VVWCA Mission Statement

The Vintage Volkswagen Club of America states that its mission is to promote the enjoyment and community associated with Volkswagens. They host social events as well as vehicle events to help strengthen the bond between members. 

The VVWCA also vows to encourage the communication and spread of information between members regarding vintage Volkswagens such as its history, mechanical information, and technical information. Additionally, they’re committed to restoring vintage Volkswagens to the best of their abilities through the exchange of information among members. 

Finally, they’re dedicated to being safe on the road and hosting safe events celebrating and driving vintage Volkswagens. 

History of the Vintage Volkswagen Club of America

The VVWCA first began in the summer of 1976, and it was created so that air-cooled Volkswagen enthusiasts could network with one another. At this time, for a Volkswagen to be considered vintage, it had to have a model with a split rear window.

Today, far more Volkswagen models are considered vintage. According to the VVWCA website, all Volkswagens are considered vintage until the final air-cooled Volkswagen convertible which Volkswagen produced in 1979. 

The club has grown significantly since its humble origins in 1976. Today, there are over 30 VVWCA chapter clubs across the country, and the club now features more than 50,000 members. 

VVWCA Membership

The VVWCA primarily celebrates and collects information on vintage, out-of-production Volkswagens, but members do not need to own a vintage vehicle in order to join and participate in their events. They also celebrate non-vintage models of Volkswagens. Most of their members are VW enthusiasts rather than vintage Volkswagen owners. 

The club has two different membership types: basic and pro membership. Basic membership is completely free. It comes with access to all new and past editions of the Vintage Voice newsletter.

Pro membership costs only $30 a year and includes the new and past editions of the Vintage Voice newsletter as well as certain discounts. With pro membership, you can save 10% in the VVWCA Regalia Shop, and you get up to 25% off of Hagerty Insurance, Hot VWs Magazine, and Car Tech Auto Books and Manuals. If you’re interested in learning more about VVWCA membership, visit their website.

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