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Vintage Motorcar Club of America

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The Vintage Motorcar Club of America (VMCCA) is an organization dedicated to touring and enjoying vintage cars. The club preserves and exhibits vintage vehicles that have historical significance. Every year, they have several touring events that encourage club members to showcase their preserved and restored vehicles that are over 25 years old. 

With dedicated members and officers committed to hosting events and enjoying vintage cars, the Vintage Motorcar Club of America is perfect for vintage car enthusiasts. 

The History of the Vintage Motorcar Club of America

The VMCCA began in December 1938. Twelve original members created the plans for the club in Boston, Massachusetts. They started their first publication, called The Bulletin, in March 1939. The Bulletin was later renamed The Bulb Horn, and today it’s a full-length magazine that’s published bi-monthly. 

In September 1939, the VMCCA held their first Auto Meet. They hosted the event at the “Raceland” estate of John R. Macomber, an iconic financier and sports enthusiast who passed away in 1955. The opening VMCCA event featured over 75 different vintage cars, and the event featured famous individuals associated with the motor industry, including Charles B. King, Fred Marriott, Freeland O. Stanley, George Whitney, and Ralph DePalma.

The VMCCA became an official non-profit organization in Massachusetts in 1940. During World War II, participation in the club stalled. In 1946, the VMCCA became more active and revived the Glidden Tours. The Glidden Tours were originally held between 1904 and 1913 to promote automobiles. After the VMCCA’s revival in 1946, the Glidden Tours became an annual showcase of antique cars across the United States. The tour is a must-see for vintage car lovers. 

In 1982, the VMCCA created the Chrome Glidden Tour, a tour dedicated to showcasing vehicles created from the 1930s through the 1950s. That same year, they created the VMCCA Golden Award of Excellence, which is a golden plaque the organization gives at events to celebrate vintage vehicles with especially excellent preservation and performance. The plaque is designed to be placed on the recipient’s vintage vehicle. 

VMCCA Membership and Clubs

Since its inception, the VMCCA has participated in and hosted numerous events focused on the celebration and racing of vintage vehicles. Their organization has grown to approximately 4,000 members worldwide. 

The Vintage Motorcar Club of America features numerous chapters across the United States. You can view their complete list of regions and available clubs on their website

VMCCA Tours & Events

Numerous exciting tours and events are happening in 2022 to celebrate and display vintage vehicles. These include:

  • 83rd Annual Meeting and Award Banquet – Tempe, AZ – January 13-16
  • 2022 Western National Tour – St. George, UT – April 3-9
  • 40th Chrome Glidden Tour – Grand Island, NE – May 1-6
  • Cylinder Planes, Trains, Automobiles Tour – Fremont, OH – June 12-17
  • Ohio: “The Mother of Presidents” VMCCA Heritage Tour – West Chester, OH – October 16-20

In addition to the upcoming tours in 2022, be on the lookout for other must-see events happening in the next few years. Every two or three years, the VMCCA hosts the Transcontinental Tour from New York to San Francisco. This event is reserved for vehicles from 1913 or earlier.

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