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[Video] Autorama 2020: Throttle Gals

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One of the cool things about being down in the basement at the 2020 Detroit Autorama aside from checking out all the awesome automotives, of course, is the amazingly cool people you get to meet. Classic Auto’s Rick Drewry got to meet and spend a few minutes with one of those awesome individuals named Doni, who was excited to share a little bit about her business, Throttle Gals.

Throttle Gals, approaching their 10th business anniversary, is a magazine that features women in hot rodding and they sell some really cool swag too. You don’t want to miss this fun interview with Doni as she tells us the history behind her business and everything it has to offer women and men who are passionate about hot rods.

Interview Transcription:

Rick: This is Rick Drewry with Classic Auto Insurance. We’re here at Detroit Autorama 2020 down in one of our favorite places, which is the basement of Detroit. I’m here with Doni with a very cool business called Throttle Gals. I need to know a little bit about what you guys do.

Doni: We are a woman’s empowerment zone. So we have a magazine that features women in hot rodding. Anything from cars, trucks, bikes, airplanes, boats. If it’s got a motor and it’s propelled, we go for it.

Rick: Perfect. Alright, cool. So tell me what you do with your group.

Doni: So we’re a magazine, just like any other magazine. So we’re not a club. So anybody who subscribes to get a magazine, half of our subscription base is actually men. The concept of women in automotive, kind of fits into … right! But if you look around at our swag and everything is female. So we are one of the only places in Autorama where you come to and it’s not just bling, girly girl stuff. It’s for the legit hot rod girl.

Rick: Very cool. Very cool. So what do we have going here in Detroit? What are you really pushing?

Doni: We’re really pushing an area where people can come in and just have fun.

Rick: Oh, cool.

Doni: So a lot of girls come in here and they’re like, “Oh my gosh. This is so great. We can just hang out and talk to other girls like us.” And that’s kind of a cool thing. And then new for this year, we actually have gearhead jewelry. So a lot of the girls who are coming in are like, “Oh, this is just perfect for us.”

Rick: My daughters would be going nuts right now.

Doni: Yeah. I was actually up last night making some of this jewelry out of wrenches.

Rick: That is cool.

Doni: Yep.

Rick: Alright. So how long have you been doing this?

Doni: We are actually getting ready to celebrate our 10th anniversary.

Rick: Really?

Doni: So we have a big birthday party coming up.

Rick: Okay.

Doni: So hey, it’s our birthday.

Rick: Alright.

Doni: So yep. In 2009 was our launch. We came out with our first issue in 2010. So we actually pre-launched here. So we were back at Single Finger in year one telling everyone that we were going to come out with this idea.

Rick: Okay.

Doni: And people are like, “Girls and cars, we don’t really need you here.” And I’m like, “No, I think you do.”

Rick: Yeah, you do.

Doni: And year one, we were in Single Finger again. Year two we were over on a wall. Year three we started in this corner and then we’ve just pushed out a little bit more every year.

Rick: You guys are doing awesome. I wish you luck. I hope it keeps growing.

Doni: Me too.

Rick: Yeah. And you definitely add to the flavor down here in the basement. It wouldn’t be the same without you.

Doni: Thank you.

Rick: Awesome. Nice meeting you.

Doni: You too.

Rick: Thanks.

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