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[Video] Autorama 2020: Rick and John Explain The Basement

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One of our favorite places to spend time while attending the Detroit Autorama is down in the basement. This year was no different. While checking out the cool cars and awesome gear the basement featured at this year’s 2020 Autorama, we ran into John. John is a classic car owner and car enthusiast who enjoys spending time in the basement as much as we do.

Listen as John spends a few minutes with Classic Auto’s Rick Drewry sharing why he thinks the basement is the place to be and why you wouldn’t want to miss it.

Interview Transcription:

Rick: Hi, this is Rick Drewry with Classic Auto Insurance. We’re here at Detroit Autorama 2020, and one of my favorite places is the basement at Detroit Autorama. I’m here with John, and we just saw him hanging out, having a good time and wanted to ask his opinion. So what is it about the basement that makes it so cool?

John: It’s true car culture here. These guys put their heart and soul into it. They put whatever they can get into the car, what they find. Some of these cars are just amazing how they’re put together. And so, a person looking for a shiny car or something, they think, wow, that’s weird, but this is really cool. This is where the culture starts. Some of these cars look a little rough on the outside, but they’ll run down the freeway and they’ll go anywhere. These guys travel all over the place with these cars.

John: So, that’s what we find really cool. Actually, my son just finished the car we have up here, but that’s a shiny one. But it’s very correct, and that’s a big deal down here too. It’s not stuffy down in the basement. That’s what we all talk about. It’s a good time down here.

Rick: Right. I see your display and everything you got set up. You can tell you’re just having a good time.

John: Oh yeah. Oh yeah. We just want to get that whole vibe for it. It’s a meeting place and the car clubs all come here and we’re friends with all the other car clubs and that’s kind of cool. We try to bring that all together.

Rick: That is awesome. Have you been upstairs?

John: I had to go up there and make sure I saw a couple of the other club members. I had to go represent. It’s funny because I have to go up there.

Rick: But it’s a party down here.

John: Yeah. It’s a great atmosphere.

Rick: That’s cool. You hit the nail on the head there as far as people put into it, what they can put into it. And not everybody has hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a nice shiny car. So they bring what they got.

John: Right.

Rick: And sometimes you’ve got to be pretty innovative.

John: Absolutely. Absolutely. There’s some cool stuff. You look, you go, “Wow, this really works?”

Rick: I never thought of that.

John: Yeah. And that gets people going. The whole thing is that we love to see the younger generation. It’s just that replay hit. Restarting or something. We love to see the guys that are involved, the young kids.

Rick: You’ll see teenagers in the twenties and stuff like that because now they can afford to get into this culture.

John: Right.

Rick: They don’t need a million dollars to do it.

John: Exactly. You hit the nail on the head. They can say, “Wow, I can drag this out. I’m going to make this work.” So it’s kind of cool, it’s really good. It’s good stuff.

Rick: Yeah. Well, appreciate you hanging out down here and bringing everything to just make it that much better.

John: Okay. Well, thanks for asking me, giving me a couple of minutes. That’s awesome. Pleasure meeting you guys. Okay. You have a great time.

Rick: Thanks.

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