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[Video] Autorama 2020: C10 Project at Autorama: Reaction from the Public

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YouTube video

Dubbed “America’s Greatest Hot Rod Show” the 68th annual Detroit Autorama which takes place each year at the TCF Center Downtown Detroit, was held on February 28 – March 1, 2020.  Our team from Classic Auto Insurance was excited to show off the star of Classic Auto’s Project C10, a truck build series created to celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary while restoring a 1965 Chevy C10 pickup.

Showcasing at this year’s Detroit Autorama, the project C10 truck was a hit and we were thrilled to hear the feedback from fellow attendees.

Autorama Guest Interviewee’s Transcription:

Autorama attendee 1: It’s my first look at the truck, but it’s really impressive. I mean, the bodywork is just incredible. Paint looks great, jumps out at you. Really nice.

Autorama attendee 2: Initial reaction. The white with the red is beautiful. For it to be an old truck, it looks good. I would love to drive this truck. Love the chrome parts to it. Man, it’s kick-ass.

Autorama attendee 3: This is one badass truck.

Autorama attendee 4: Takes me back to when I was younger. I’ve got a ’66, but mine’s a Ford, but I love the Chevies too. That’s a sweet truck.

Autorama attendee 5: This is a magnificent looking truck. I mean, I love the bed of that truck. It’s pretty awesome. The white is sharp, it’s clean.

Autorama attendee 6: The Corvette brake upgrade, the different color with the bed, and the hideaway gas tank looks amazing.

Autorama attendee 7: It’s an amazing truck. It looks completely spotless and rust-free, and beautifully restored. So I’m a fan. I like short beds. But this thing, it just pops. It’s a great looking truck.

Autorama attendee 8: I love it. This is beautiful. This is a really beautiful truck.

Autorama attendee 9: Interior’s nice. Love the matte finish on the dash. And overall it’s a great truck. So I’m impressed.

Autorama attendee 10: They don’t make trucks like this anymore. I guess it would be the first thing, and the styling, the two-tone the red and all that. It’s great. It’s a nice piece of … Chevy made good stuff. You know what I mean? Look at it. It’s how many years later, it’s still here, and it’s still shining. That’s it.

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