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Four Essential Tips to Maintain Your Classic Car

Classic car maintenance

A vintage car is a great investment. Not only is it an object of great desire all over the world, but most cars appreciate in value over time if they are well maintained. However, to reap the benefits a classic car can bring, it is essential that the maintenance of the cars be pristine.

1. All cars, be it the legendary 1903 Model T, the classic 1964 ½ Ford Mustang, or the Latest Audi, come with their own set of problems. Again, most old cars, regardless of their make, face regular maintenance issues. All cars will experience things like oil leaks, rusted parts, routine engine problems, etc. Vintage car owners have to stay on top of these issues if they want to preserve the value. Letting these issues fall into disrepair can often cause more expense than it’s worth to fix down the road.. Also, maintaining the original owner’s manual is important with classic cars, because many garages and mechanics may not be as familiar with older models and may want to have the manual on hand to refer to when performing repairs.

2. Another common repair issue with old cars, regardless of their make, is the deterioration of the rubber seals around the doors and windows, usually as a result of simple wear and tear. The solution is simply to replace them with new ones, but the trick is to ensure that the replacement does not mar the originality or the appearance of the vintage car in any way. It is better to secure replacements from the original manufacturers, if they are still in business. If they are not still operating, it becomes imperative to search for an aftermarket supplier that can provide you with a very similar/identical replacement. Moreover, the actual replacement may be tricky, and may require removing the window glass, which in turn, may require removing the inner door panel. All these require great care so as not to damage the parts. It is always a better idea to have a professional assist you or handle these types of repairs because mistakes can be made very easily. Trust a professional to assist you in restoring the value of your classic car!

3. Maintaining the appearance of the vintage car is a hobby for most enthusiasts. It is essential to wash the car with mild soap, and also give it a coat of wax periodically. While these tasks are relatively simple and straightforward, carelessness or negligence can cause irreparable damage and loss of value over time. Along this line, most old cars have chrome detailing which requires special attention to ensure that it stays rust free.

4. Last, but not the least, a vintage car requires collector car insurance. Scratches and accidents can take place, even with the best precautions, and rectifying these damages can be a costly affair when it comes to vintage cars. Classic Auto Insurance offers excellent insurance options for vintage cars. The standard insurance plans include agreed value, roadside assistance and next term mileage rollover, and all our plans are customizable to meet your exact needs!.

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