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Tips from Expert Rick Drewry for Protecting Your Classic at Shows

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Rick Drewry Gives Classic Car Tips

In preparation for the upcoming classic car show season, we took a few minutes this week to sit down and chat with one of our own, Rick Drewry. Rick is the Collector Car and Motorcycle Senior Specialist at American Modern Insurance Group, and we are thankful for the chance to pick his brain and share in some of the things he’s learned over his many years in the business.

With all of the major car shows coming up, we asked Rick what our clients need to watch out for on the road as well as what to protect their cars from at these shows. Rick told us he usually attends a little over twenty shows per year, ranging from small, local shows to larger internationally-based shows, so he’s got the experience to give us great information! Rick said the thing he loves most about attending all of these shows is the people. He said, “They will talk to you, there’s no stigma attached to it…the one thing that unites everybody is the car.” He loves the variety of people that are drawn to car restoration and collecting, and that even though it is a varied crowd, everyone comes together with the same purpose and passion.

When we asked Rick whether or not damage to your car is a real threat at a car show, he said, “Absolutely…it happens more often than you think.” He warned us about the dangers of belt buckles leaning up against cars and scratching the paint, small children that get too curious and climb into your car with muddy feet, and neighboring classic cars that tag your bumpers while parking, as well as many other threats. 

He encourages those who plan to take their children to classic car events to educate them prior to attending. It only takes a few minutes to talk to your children about “not touching without asking” to save yourself the big hassle of paying for damage to someone else’s vehicle.

The most important thing Rick imparted to us, though, was that any type of incident that may happen at a classic car show will still be covered in your Classic Auto Insurance policy, and these threats should never scare you off from attending a great event! It is important to get your cars out there and share your piece of history with the world. If an incident happens, Classic Auto Insurance will help you with a step-by-step claims process to assess the damage, find the right repair shop, locate necessary parts, and get the car back in pristine condition.

Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for more info from Rick Drewry on our claims process, as well as what type of coverage is best for you if you plan to take your classic to car shows! In the mean time, don’t forget to call Classic Auto at 888-901-1338 for any questions about your collector car insurance policy, or to get a free quote on a new addition to your collection!

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