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The New Barracuda

Remember the Plymouth Barracuda?

Vintage Plymouth Barracuda

This is one of our favorite classic muscle cars, and we are excited to announce that Chrysler is planning to remix this vehicle and bring it back (est. 2014/2015)!

The rumors abound right now as no one is quite sure what Chrysler is up to, but car enthusiasts everywhere are biting at the bit to see the design templates for the remake of this classic. One of the rumors we’ve heard is that the Barracuda will replace the Dodge Charger in an attempt to keep up with the model updates that are in store for the Ford Mustang and the Chevy Camaro.
What do you think about this decision? We want to hear from you! Are you a Dodge Charger fan? Are you glad they are (potentially) bringing back the ‘Cuda?

What are some other rumors you have heard about this major classic car comeback?

Are you the lucky owner of an original Plymouth Barracuda? Send us your pictures and tell us why it is your favorite classic muscle car. While you are here, check out our website and get a free instant quote for muscle car insurance to make sure your collectable is safe! We hope to hear from all our muscle car enthusiasts soon!

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