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The Basement Lambo

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Have you heard of the “Basement Lambo”? We’ve been following the story for several years now and we wanted to share the latest report with our readers. The story of the Basement Lambo is a long one, starting over 17 years ago. Ken Imhoff got an itch as a young man to build his own Lamborghini Countach, an itch inspired by his father who believed he was capable of fulfilling this daunting task.

Shortly after he married his wife Eileen, back in 1990, he started the project in the basement of their family home. A project he thought would only take 5 years turned into a project that took almost 17, 18 if you count the year it took him to bust a hole through his basement to get the car out.

Our friends over at Jalopnik are following the latest development in the story: Ken Imhoff has decided to sell his custom, home-built Lamborghini Countach.

Why, you ask? He says he is ready for his next project. The Lambo is just sitting there and according to him, he’s not taking care of it like he should. So he’s ready to move on. What do you think: crazy, or a good kick-off to his retirement fund?

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