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Super Cars to Star in “Need for Speed”

If you’re anxious to see the new 2015 Ford Mustang in action, you may be able to get your eyes on one much sooner than anticipated! The upcoming Need for Speed movie is set to hit theaters on March 14th, and while it predominantly features the 2014 Mustang and showcases its power and style on the big screen as its “hero” car, the Ford Motor Company recently announced that the movie will also showcase the all-new 2015 Mustang.

Not only will this movie showcase the new Fords, but it will also feature as many as 15 super cars that were specially built for the movie. Each car was built with a “stunt double” to get beaten up on screen, but the original cars were built for $2-$3 million each, and have been given special care during filming. The cars will also include a ’69 Gran Torino and a ’66 Pontiac GTO as well as a Sesto Elemento and a McLaren P1.

Take a look at several of the cars built for the movie:


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