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Summertime is Here & The Collector Car Hobby is in Full Swing

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The month of June means varying things to different car collectors. For some, the month marks an exciting time when the collector car hobby is in full swing. It’s a time when there’s a classic car event practically every day of the week. Look up a car show calendar. You’ll likely see numerous events to choose from, such as car cruises, static shows, rallies, and other great opportunities to connect with fellow collector car enthusiasts. It’s truly an exciting time to show off your classic ride and enjoy the summer weather. 

Other car hobbyists don’t view June in the same positive light. Instead, they see it as the beginning of the end of the classic car season. Once June hits, some begin counting down the days to fall and winter. They start to dread the inevitable day when the winter season shuts down the hobby entirely in parts of the United States. 

Focusing on how the season will end soon is certainly unfortunate, as it can be a bit depressing knowing that in a few short months, you’ll need to return your classic ride to its designated storage space. 

Rather than focusing on how our fun and fulfilling hobby will soon come to a close, we can use this precious time to take stock of how the classic car season is going. In this Month in Motoring, I discuss how you can use the summer months to review the year so far and prepare for the rest of the collector car driving season. 

Taking Stock of the Car Season

I started using June as a time to take stock of my year in car collecting when I was a young enthusiast growing up in Indiana. I’ve found that it can be incredibly beneficial to create a checklist in various categories, and I strongly recommend it for you as well. 

The first item on my list was, unsurprisingly, my cars. I would always meticulously inspect my vehicles, especially vintage rides that date back to the early 1900s. These vehicles presented their own unique problems, so I would always walk around these beauties with a crescent wrench. I would tighten each of its available nuts and bolts, of which there were hundreds. 

Additionally, I would perform simple maintenance tasks, such as oil changes. These oil changes gave me X-ray vision into the inner workings of each vehicle, as detecting abnormal colors gave me an early warning sign of more significant maintenance issues. I would also change the cars’ fuel filters, fill up the tires with air, and perform other simple reviews that kept my beauties in tip-top shape. 

Once I was done with my vehicles, I moved on to the events that I had the pleasure of attending. I’ve found that it’s important to be able to prioritize the best events available, and this is even more so the case these days, as there are more car shows with each passing year. We certainly aren’t getting any younger, so it’s best to take stock of the events worth attending each year and which you can skip. 

Taking Note: Seek Out What You’re Most Interested In

You can create detailed notes to keep track of each event you’ve attended. This is especially helpful if you intend to visit these events in the future because you can keep reminders regarding where to park, whether the food is good, the usual number of attendees, etc. 

Of course, your list should reflect your unique interests in the hobby. For example, as someone who grew up around Ford Model Ts and Model T events, I now look forward to shows with a wide range of makes and years. 

Rather than having a general interest in classics, you may take to a particular make or model. If you have the good fortune of owning a stunning classic Corvette, you’ll likely want to attend Corvette shows or car shows that feature many of these gorgeous Chevrolets. You can create a list reflecting your interest in Corvettes and take detailed notes on the available events. 

What’s on Your Wish List? Creating Car Collecting Goals 

June can also serve as a time to reflect on which cars you want to acquire, and it’s also a great time to purchase a new classic. Fortunately, it’s now incredibly easy to take pictures of vehicles at car shows you might want to buy, and you can document the owner’s information. 

Even if the car isn’t for sale yet, the owner will possibly sell it eventually. Who knows? You might reach out to the owner of a car you saw back in April only to find it’s now for sale. If you hadn’t reached out, the vehicle would have slipped right through your fingers. 

For that reason, it’s always a good idea to write down other collectors’ names and contact information. You never know when you may come across a remarkable beauty for sale. 

Take Stock of Your Cars’ Values

In addition to maintaining your vehicles and assessing your collector goals, you can use June to perform a financial and legal tune-up. First, consider reviewing the value of each of your cars to make sure they are accurately appraised. 

The value of a classic vehicle can change quickly, so it’s always a good idea to ensure your car is valued and insured correctly. Many collectors forget to review the value of their vehicles, which can impact their Agreed Value coverage. Fortunately, Classic Auto Insurance has helpful underwriters ready to expertly guide you through the process.  

Stay Street Legal

Finally, you need to review your driver’s license information. This shouldn’t be too challenging because most states have easily accessible online portals. You need to double-check your driver’s license status because a simple clerical mistake may cause issues. 

For example, most states will suspend your license if you fail to provide proof of liability insurance. Let’s say you bought another classic car, and you contact your insurance agent to add it to your current policy. If you or your insurance agent accidentally submit the wrong VIN, such as submitting an “O” rather than a “0,” your state may suspend your license without you even knowing it.

Simply checking your driver’s license status can save you from a lot of trouble and money down the line — dollars that would be much better spent on gas and car show entries. And while you’re at it, review your insurance coverage and make sure your policy offers everything you want and need for your classic. Classic Auto offers robust and customizable policies perfect for your ride! Call the classic car insurance experts today at 888-901-1338 or get an instant quote online here.

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