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Summer Fun with Your Vintage Car

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Have Fun This Summer & Protect Your Car With Vintage Car Insurance

Do you have a bucket list for your cars? We came across this article from the Summer Driving Guide, and we thought the concept of using your summer to get more acquainted with your vehicle is a novel idea. While we don’t recommend off-roading in a classic, we do recommend getting to know your vehicle better, taking better care of it, and even checking a few to-do’s off your list for a fun-filled summer! So here are our additions to their list:

  • Take a weekend to go to a new car show: Whether you’re an avid car-show attender, or you’ve never been to one before, take an opportunity this summer to travel to a new place with your classic car, and share it with other car lovers from around the world. You can use Google to find great shows in your area, and there are tons of resources and calendars available to help you find shows near you!

  • Use the extra daylight to add some modifications or upgrades to your classic car: While we would never encourage you to add something to a classic that would devalue it, we also understand the appeal of a modified exhaust, chrome trim, or even a custom paint job. Always make sure you have a qualified mechanic or custom-expert to assist you with any modifications you choose!

  • Take the time this summer to join an auto-club: No matter what type of classic car you have, there are clubs out there for everyone! You could join a street rod club like the Goodguys, the Classic Car Club of America, or even a local club in your city. Did you know Classic Auto offers discounts on car insurance policies for members of auto clubs?

Most importantly, make sure you’re taking great care of you, your family, and your cars by calling Classic Auto Insurance for a check-up on your vintage car insurance policies. Any time you take a trip, make a modification, or just want to adjust the terms on your policy, our customer service representatives are waiting to help you at 888-901-1338!

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