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Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

Storing your classic car right for better insurance policies

Storing your classic car

Since your classic car is unique and carries value – both vintage and monetary, the kind of insurance you select will have to suit it perfectly. Classic car insurance comes with certain stipulations that ensure your car is well covered monetarily and that it is used in the right manner. When you are looking for such coverage, there are a few things you can do that will help you secure a comfortable premium.

Smart moves for better premiums
How you care for your classic car is very important. One aspect that is looked at by insurance companies is the way you store your car. It is essential that it not parked on your driveway like the other family cars. Closed sheds with the appropriate security systems in place will show the insurance company that you are serious about the safekeeping of your vintage car.

Store your car the right way
Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when you are contemplating storage options for your car:

  • Never park your car out in the open or outside your home.

  • Ensure it has a designated covered spot that is locked and if possible has a reliable security system in place that will trigger off an alarm.

  • Some systems you can consider are – a digital lock down system, security cameras and even online surveillance that can be activated when you are not in town.

There may be times when your home is not conducive to any such storage facilities. In such cases, there are storage service providers in nearly every city that cater specifically to vintage car owners. Your insurance company, or friends who own classic cars, should be able to recommend a good classic car storage service provider to you. Check out their services to see if they suit you.

What to look for in a vintage car storage facility
Some of the features to look for in a vintage car storagefacility include round-the-clock computerized access to your vehicle. You will be given security codes which only you will be able to use for access to your car. This is one precaution that classic car insurance companies will appreciate. Check out the surveillance measures in place at the storage facility as well. They should be able to monitor each person moving in and out as well as each vehicle.

The finer details
Besides storage, the miles you add on to your car is also considered for insurance. Being a vintage car, insurance companies prefer that they are run only for a specific number of miles per year. This secures its integrity as well as value in the long run. With these measures in place with regards to storage and use, a classic car insurance company will be assured that you are serious about your possession, and so will be able to provide you with excellent insurance options.

When a classic car insurance company is assured of the efforts you have taken to care for your car and keep it safe, they will be able to provide you with a good deal on coverage. If you are looking for some of the best policies around for your vintage car, contact Classic Auto Insurance Agency at 888-901-1338.


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