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Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

Store your Classic Car Collection in Style with a Custom Garage

Ford Thunderbird in the garage

One of the newest hobbies in the collector car world is that of custom garage interiors. Dark and dusty garages and rundown sheds have given way to stylish new homes for collector cars that serve as living display cases. Once an indulgence typically left to car-collecting celebrities such as Jay Leno, customizing garage interiors is now trickling down to many homeowners who want to create special rooms for their prized cars.

Antique and vintage car collectors know that their classics need special protection. In addition to keeping these cars maintained and safely stored, however, custom garage interiors add the owner’s style and create a unique theme to serve as a setting for these special vehicles. Some collectors choose to fashion a garage around a car’s era such as a 1950’s diner, while others choose more of a showroom-type design to really let their cars stand out. There are also “man cave” style garages that feature sports memorabilia, pool tables, flat screen televisions, and even bars set up like neighborhood pubs!

Whatever theme is chosen for a custom garage, the hobby was created to encourage creativity and pride in both one’s cars and one’s workshop.  Being able to enjoy and show off collector cars in one’s own garage is a great way to keep classic cars safe and secure, too! For more ideas on remodeling your garage, check out Garage Style Magazine. If you have customized your garage, tell us about it in the comments below! We may feature your remodel in a future blog post!

Don’t forget that even if your classic car is safely secured in your custom garage, you still need antique car insurance! The Classic Auto Insurance team will help you design a classic car insurance policy that will fit your driving habits and leave you enough room in your budget so that you can keep investing in your car and your custom garage. Check out our free online instant quote for collector car insurance!

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