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Best Classic Car Museums In The Midwest For Your Family Road Trip

“Experience, travel – these are as education in themselves.” -Euripides

Let’s face it: the world of cars is pretty cool. Especially if you love classic cars, chances are you’re more than happy to share that enthusiasm with everyone, including your family. What better way is there to share than taking them on a road trip? A special drive that can introduce your loved ones to the intriguing world of classic cars while taking a family-friendly vacation with a little something for everyone?

Jump in the passenger seat and travel along with us as we ride through some of the biggest and best car museums and attractions the American Midwest has to offer.

Hartung’s Automotive Museum
The first stop on our journey is one of the best kept secrets in the historical automotive world, Hartung’s Automotive Museum. Located in Glenview, IL just a few minutes north of Chicago, Hartung’s is a private sanctuary for over 100 classic cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Some are restored and some are kept in original condition, but all make for the perfect first stop on a Midwest auto adventure.

Volo Auto Museum
After we’re finished in Glenview, let’s head north to Volo, IL and visit our friends and partners at the Volo Auto Museum. Not only is Volo a fantastic home for dozens of celebrity cars, movie memorabilia, and military artifacts, it is totally entertaining, with movies, a “kids zone,” and several new attractions opening this year.

Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum
When we’ve fully experienced Volo, buckle up for a trip over to the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum (ACDM) in Auburn, IN. As the ultimate home for vintage automobiles, the ACDM has over 120 classics in their collection, and is one of the few museums in the country to be classified by the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) as an accredited location. Not only is this stop well worth planning an entire vacation around, kids can get in for free.

National Auto & Truck Museum
While we’re here in Auburn, IN, let’s stick around for another day and check out the incredible National Auto & Truck Museum (NATMUS). Not only is NATMUS the site where the L29 Cord is originally manufactured (it’s the first front-wheel drive vehicle in American automotive history), but this museum exists as a tribute to Auburn Automobile Company and offers one of the most fantastic collections of post-war cars anywhere in the U.S.

Yspilanti Automotive Heritage Museum
Our tour blazes a trail all the way to Yspilanti, MI to see the Yspilanti Automotive Heritage Museum (YAHM). It’s a sweet stop you won’t want to miss. The YAHM is a collection of 30 historic cars; many celebrate the Hudson line and its ongoing fascination for loyal collectors.

Automotive Hall of Fame
Best Classic Car Museums In The Midwest For Your Family Road Trip

A few miles east from Yspilanti, we’ll make our next stop at what is perhaps the largest and most noteworthy location on our tour, the Automotive Hall of Fame (AHF) in Dearborn, MI. This spot is so much more than a museum! Here you’ll find theaters, exhibits, artwork, special shows, and events for the entire family. The Automotive Hall of Fame celebrates innovation through the years that has changed the way we build, drive, and travel in our favorite cars, collector and everyday drivers alike.

The Henry Ford and Greenfield Village
Just a short jaunt from AHF and the final stop on our museum tour, is The Henry Ford and Greenfield Village, an automotive experience dedicated to the genius and innovation of Henry Ford and the history of the Ford line. The Henry Ford’s exhibits can leave you awestruck, with a collection of the earliest cars ever to drive on U.S. soil, and includes amusement rides for the kids. While you’re in the village, take your family on a tour of Thomas Edison’s “Idea Factory,” visit old “Main Street,” and find out what life was really like in the 1800’s.
This kind of adventure on the road not only explores a beautiful area of the country, it can give you new inspiration for your own car collection while enjoying an incredible tour of American ingenuity and automotive history with your family.

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