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Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

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Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

Secure Your Vintage Vehicle with Antique Collector Car Insurance


If you are looking for car insurance that will give you all your money's worth, get antique car auto insurance. This insurance is better than standard auto insurance. Unlike what most people think, this policy is more affordable than standard car insurance. Here are some of the differences between these 2 policies.

Agreed Value vs. Actual Cash Value. Standard car policies use actual cash value to determine the value of your car. While this is good for your everyday vehicle, this may not be great for your vintage car. With actual cash value, your car is appraised based on its make, model and year that it was manufactured. Your antique vehicle may not get a good appraisal with this method. In an agreed value, you and your insurance provider come up with the price for your vehicle. This value may depend on the modifications you've done on your vehicle and how often you  use your vehicle on the road. Unlike actual cash value, agreed value does not depreciates. You are assured that your car retains its value over time.

Roadside Assistance. A standard insurance company may not provide you with the kind of roadside assistance you need for your car. Because you are driving a vintage vehicle, you need to have a mechanic that specializes on these types of vehicles. If your provider doesn't have qualified personnel to help you, you might spend more on repairs that you are willing to spend.

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