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Classic Car 101: How to Safely Store Your Vehicle

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Vintage cars are meant to to be driven on special occasions and outings. Whether you're taking it to a car show or treating your special someone to a nice evening out, they need to be in tip-top shape for life's little outings.

The key to classic car longevity is knowing how to store your vehicle until your next big event. Just because you're not using your car on a daily basis doesn't mean it's at a lower risk of getting damaged. Follow these simple but very vital tips to keeping your classic car safe when it's not on the road:

1) Store in a Fully Secured Garage: make sure to keep your car where it's free from theft or external weather factors that may damage it. This means keeping it in a locked garage, because simply storing your vehicle in a carport or parking lot is not enough protection.

2) Check Your Tires: while your car is locked away, its tires may be losing pressure without you knowing it. If you won't be using your car for a short time, check the pressure on them regularly. For longer periods of time, lift the tires up with a jack to ease the vehicle's weight off of your tires.

By following these two easy steps, you'll prevent rust, corrosion, and other damages that could happen to your classic truck or car if not stored properly. To get full protection for you vehicle, always keep it insured by an antique collector car insurance agency like Classic Car Ins. Call for more information or go online for a free quote today!

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is Vice President of Classic Automobile Insurance Agency, Inc. Classic Automobile Insurance Agency has been protecting collector, classic and exotics since 1992.

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