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The first steps to restoring your vintage motorcycle

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Vintage Gilera Bike

If you are planning to work on restoring a vintage motorcycle, you must understand that it takes a certain level of expertise with bikes, and of course, patience. If you are ready on that front, here is how you can proceed.

What to look for in a vintage motorcycle

  • Bikes will function if they have their fuel, fire and compression fixed. Here is what you need to evaluate about a bike you are going to restore:

  • Anything that is broken, you can repair, but look closely if a part is missing. In most cases it can be replaced, but sometimes, depending on the make of the bike, it may be difficult. Inspect the gauges, sprockets and brakes.

  • If you are looking at a bike with a seized engine, do not pay too much for it. Only in a few cases can you restore a seized engine.

  • Check if the gears are workable. This is equally important as restoring the transmission can be a tedious job and not one you want to undertake, especially if this is the first bike you are going to restore.

  • Look for compression. Kick it or crank it and check to see if the compression is in working order.

The first steps to restoration

  • Check the battery. Look into the condition of the battery, and replace if a charger does not work its charm on it.

  • Get all the residual fuel out of the tank and check its condition. Put in fresh gasoline.

  • Replace the fuel filter or flush it if that suffices.

  • Clean the fuel valve and ensure smooth flow of gas from the tank through the valve to the carburetor.

  • Clean and replace the spark plugs if needed.

  • Change the engine oil and all other necessary fluids.

  • Assemble your bike.

Some aspects of vintage motorcycle restoration will need further expertise, and that is when you should think of hiring a restoration specialist to assist you. You should also check to make sure you have the right kind of collector vehicle insurance. Some policies may even help pay for the missing parts and modifications. Should your bike face any damage, it will be covered as well. These features may not be possible with standard vehicle insurance policies.

Classic Auto offers customizable vintage motorcycle insurance policies that will fit your project and your budget! Contact us for a free classic motorcycle insurance quote.


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