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Getting Your Classic Ready for a Parade

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If you are planning to drive your classic in a parade this 4th of July, you need to make sure that your car not only looks great but runs great as well. Taking proper precautions before and during the parade can keep your classic car on the road and eliminate embarrassing breakdowns.

Before signing up to participate in a parade, check the route to make sure it is a road your classic can handle. Remember to also take the weather into account when determining if your car will be up for the parade route. Two big issues involving vintage cars and the slow driving on parade routes include overheating and vapor lock:

  • Overheating can occur from poor circulation in the radiator due to the low speeds. It is important that before you take your car to a parade that you give your classic a tune-up to check on ignition timing, belt and hose condition, and coolant levels. Make sure that any debris is cleared from the engine and radiator area.
  • Vapor lock occurs in classics when fuel begins to boil. Make sure that you start the parade day with a full tank to slow temperature rising and insulate the fuel lines. You can also redirect windshield washer fluid over the mechanical fuel pump to keep things cool.

After your car is tuned up, don’t forget to decorate your classic! Follow the theme of the parade and invest in window chalk, flags, ribbons or streamers, or antenna toppers. You can use poster board to make signs, but make sure that no signs or posters are placed in the front of the car where the radiator may be blocked. Do not use tape or other fasteners on your car’s paint!

Summer festivals and parades are great times to show off your classic car. If the unthinkable happens and your classic breaks down, however, make sure that you have an insurance policy that offers standard roadside assistance. Classic Auto Insurance will insure your vintage car and give you peace of mind while you enjoy summer car events. Get a free instant classic car insurance quote and ask us about roadside assistance!

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is Vice President of Classic Automobile Insurance Agency, Inc. Classic Automobile Insurance Agency has been protecting collector, classic and exotics since 1992.

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