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Rare Finds in Vintage Muscle Cars

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Rare Finds in Muscle Cars

The powerful engines, sleek lined bodies and strength of American muscle cars have been captivating the imaginations of Americans since the 60s. This was the era when car manufacturers were developing affordable but well designed and high performing vehicles rather than concentrating on high end luxury models. Their progress in terms of refinement, modifications and other developments has been followed with fascination over the years.

A mixture of nostalgia amongst classic collectors and the rarity of certain models of vintage cars have made some of these classic beauties very hard to come across these days.  Here is a list of the top ten hard to come by classic muscle cars that are highly sought after by muscle car enthusiasts, and the places where they can be found.

  1. Shelby GT 500KR – The classic “Eleanor” from the movie Gone in 60 Seconds can be found in St Louis (MO), Scottsdale (AZ) and a few are available in Canada
  2. Plymouth Road Runner – Chrysler’s Plymouth division brought out this low-cost, fast and high performance muscle car that was a raging success. A few models are available at Clarkston (MI), Sarasota (FL), Pompano (FL),  as well as California and Miami
  3. Chevrolet Camaro ZL 1/Z-28/SS Coupe – A few models can be found around Florida, California, Colorado and Illinois.
  4. 1971 Plymouth Superbird 440 – An upgraded and modified version of the original Roadrunner. Some of these are available at West Bloomfield (MI), St Charles (MO), Charlotte (NC), Las Vegas (NV)
  5. Buick GSX 1970 – A perfect fit for the popular psychedelic look at the time. With a sinister hood and high torque engine, this beast can be found in Franklin (TN), St George (UT), Atlanta (GA) and Greenwood (IN).
  6. Pontiac GTO – A classic American muscle car that can be found around Bay City (MI), Gilbert (AZ), New York, Illinois and California.
  7. Dodge Charger R/T 440 – A few models are located in Saint Charles (IL), Charlotte (NC), Whiteland (IN) and Florida.
  8. Plymouth Barracuda – Available in notch back, fastback and convertible versions. Select numbers can be located in Florida, Kentucky and Oregon.
  9. Chevrolet Chevelle SS/LS – Available in sedan, convertible and coupe body styles. A few models are available around New York, Ohio and Michigan.
  10. Oldsmobile 442 – The Oldsmobile muscle car that got its name from a four speed manual transmission, 4 barrel carburetor and dual traction. A few models can be located around California, Florida and Ohio.

Once you locate and purchase your rare muscle car, protect it with collector car insurance to it safe and well maintained. Contact Classic Auto for flexible and customizable muscle car insurance options for your vintage car.


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