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Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

Thinking of Racing Your Vintage Car?

In 1984, The Vintage Sports Car Club of America made its modest beginning with a meager 62 followers. What began as a humble effort to preserve cars manufactured since 1959, is presently the oldest organization in the United States that holds multiple vintage car racing competitions and rallies each year. Classic car racing provides the opportunity to indulge your love for sports and show-off the assets of your collection. However, there are a few things you need to know before entering a race.

Choose the Right Car

In recent years, classic car racing has gained popularity across the globe. The Association of Adventure Sports describes vintage car racing as one of the most economical forms of adventure sports. Their standards require that entrants have been cleared off the production market for a minimum of 10 years and are at least 36 years old; the standards are similar for most classic racing events. A prerequisite for vintage car racing is to select the right car for the right race. The mode and track of the race determine the classic car that can enter the competition. Popular choices for the race include the Austin Healey Sprite or the Triumph, which, if in well-maintained condition, usually perform well on most race courses. In order to maintain a fair competition when competing with classic cars, the majority of events divide the participating cars into groups such as pre-war cars, small production sports cars, historic stock cars etc.

Get your Car Ready

Preparation of the car is the next level in vintage car racing. Racing experts advise not to put more stress on a vintage racer than it had to endure during its original era. A systematic check has to be carried out on the chassis of the car, analyzing it for its frail crack junctions. Equal emphasis must be placed on analyzing the engine and driving systems of the vehicle. Regions that are subjected to the most stress and abrasion, such as the axles, U-joint crosses and tires should be checked thoroughly. The car’s brakes and suspension system should be given ample attention as well to check for any wear and tear past normal usage. The vehicle should be equipped with items of personal safety such as seat belts, a shoulder harness, fire extinguisher etc.

Before entering your car into any type of race, it is necessary to ensure its safety with classic car insurance. Classic Auto can protect your racing cars while they’re off the track, and we can help you find a partner agency who can protect your car on the track as well! Our agency will provide you with expert tips and suggestions ranging from car restoration to the safe transport of your vehicle to racing venues. Classic Auto insurance Agency offers collector car insurance for garaged racing cars that can be tailored to suit the requirements of your vintage vehicle. Give us a call today for more information!


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