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The Trio: Tarantino, Pulp Fiction and the ‘65 Chevy Malibu

Tarantino, the director of ‘Pulp Fiction', is in the limelight again, but not for obvious reasons. Attention is instead focused on his long-lost 1965 Cherry Red Chevy Malibu, which has resurfaced 19 years after it was stolen.

Reportedly, this classic legend went missing two decades ago when ‘Pulp Fiction’ was being made. The Malibu was the signature car of the movie, which John Travolta and Uma Thurman’s characters drove throughout the film.  

Though Tarantino bought the vintage convertible from a friend, he never drove it. The Chevy had been reportedly parked in front of Tarantino’s house in Los Angeles when it went missing.

In a recent turn of events, police officials stumbled onto Tarantino's Malibu in Oakland, while investigating the theft of another Malibu in South California. The car had been stripped of its VIN, which partially explains its long absence. It has also been reported that no one can be charged with the theft of the car because of the extreme time-lapse between the theft and the recovery.

The classic car is now in the possession of another owner who was quite oblivious to the mystery surrounding the vehicle. He is reported to have spent more than $20,000 in restorations to the car, and is apparently as much of a victim of fraud as Tarantino. When the car is reinstated to its rightful owner, this new owner stands to lose a considerable amount of money, and will likely have to file an insurance claim to compensate for his losses. Although, it is unlikely he has reliable insurance coverage on a classic car without a VIN.

This piece of news is an alert to all classic car collectors to double check the authenticity of a vintage automobile before investing in it. It is also important to ensure that your valuable possession is well protected. Classic Auto Insurance can offer you the best collector car insurance for your classic car, including insurance coverage against theft. For a free instant online insurance quote and more information on our customizable policies, contact us today!


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