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Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

Protecting Your Bentley: What A Specialized Insurance Policy Can Offer You

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After forking over a sizable amount to buy the classic Bentley of your dreams, it is extremely important that you buy insurance from specialists who understand your car. A large insurance firm often just sells auto insurance without taking into account many aspects of classic cars. Or at best, you might end up with a limited mileage classic car policy at a price double of what a specialist can offer you! Here's what a classic car insurance company can offer your Bentley.

Driver or Need Specific Coverage
Specialist insurers understand the nature of your classic Bentley as well as the way it is likely to be used. Overall, mileage for classic cars is usually very low, and classic Bentley owners are likely to maintain and take extremely good care of their cars as well as drive them with utmost care. Owners of such cars often belong to classic car clubs. Specialist insurers can offer one-of-a-kind deals, not available with a mass insurer, which cater to each specific classic car owner.

Competitive Rates
The Bentley Turbo R is one of the best classic cars on the block which is also affordable; the average insurer is likely to come up with an exaggerated rate on the very mention of a brand like Bentley. But classic car brokers can give you a good cover for rates as low as $225 a year for 3,000 miles. What happens if you love driving your classic car and exceed the mileage limit? No problem, classic Bentley insurers often offer added cover for more miles at rates as low as $50.

Often, specialty classic car insurers are likely to offer you better rates if you take some simple precautions, like keeping your car locked garage or using a professional alarm system for protection. Keeping to a pre-agreed limited mileage can also bring down the cost of your insurance.

Value Added Services
As an added benefit to having customizable Bentley insurance policies, Classic Auto Insurance can offer things like term mileage rollover and guaranteed value; all essential elements to protecting your valuable assets.

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