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Protecting Your Classic Car Tires From Dry Rot

How To Prevent Dry Rot In Vintage Classic Car Tires

Dry rot in your classic car tires is preventable, but it is a problem that takes proactive measures in order to ward off. Dry rot typically occurs in classic cars from overexposure to UV rays, and also from infrequent use. Tire manufacturers coat the rubbers in the tires with chemicals that help hold the natural oils in the rubber, but over time, those chemicals wear off, the oils begin to dry out, and the rubber starts to crack and separate.

As winter approaches and car care becomes increasingly important, here are a few tips to help you keep your tires in better condition for longer:

  • Cover your tires: Even if your car is stored indoors, covering your tires can help protect them from unwanted elements, and also help to hold in the oils in the rubber.
  • Wax your tires: As part of your regular car care and maintenance, keeping a fresh coat of wax or tire protectant on the tires helps prevent the rubber from excessive dryness and can keep them in better shape for a longer time.
  • Move the car: Possibly the biggest contributor to dry rot is the inactivity of the rubber. By moving the car, flexing the rubber on the tires, and getting them active more than just once every month or two, you will actually help to keep your tires in better condition.

Watch for signs of dry rot by frequently checking your tires. If you begin to see spider-like cracks along the edges of your tires, it’s not too late to get some life out of them. There are petrochemicals and silicone sealants you can use to seal up the cracks until you are better able to invest in a new set of tires.

So this winter, remember to keep your car stored when it isn’t in use, but don’t forget to get it out and drive it! Using that car you love is one of the best ways to protect it! The other best way is by calling Classic Auto Insurance to update your classic car insurance policy. Call our representatives at 888-901-1338 to update a current policy or to get a free quote on a new purchase!

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