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bel air disassembly

Episode 13: Project COVID-1953 – Disassemble & Found Surprises

Episode 13 – Rick works on disassembling more stuff in order to do some bodywork. The doors and trunk are removed; the fenders were already off. Pulling back what was left of the carpet, Rick finds some additional bodywork that will need to be completed. Also, discovered some old neon lights that had to come off. Removed the back glass, …

car parts

Need Help Looking For Classic Car Parts?

When you own a vintage or rare car, finding parts is like doing a scavenger hunt all over the world. It can be challenging to locate the precise parts you need and arrange for them to travel all the way home to your garage. Anyone who’s restored a classic car knows the feeling of hunting for just the right part …


The 20th Century’s Worst Cars

There’s something wonderful about the world’s worst cars. Maybe it’s because even an awful car sucks up an enormous amount of time, resources, and creativity before the very first one rolls off the production line. So when the result is an obvious disaster, it makes everyone shake their heads and groan, “What were they thinking?” Great question! We’d like to …

bel air brake setup

Episode 12: Project COVID-1953 – The Brake Setup

Episode 12 – Now that the inside and the roof are done. Rick can move on from the dirty work to something he is very excited about and has been waiting a long time to do…that’s move on to the brake assembly. Working with a Kugel 90-degree brake setup with a T5 five-speed hydraulic clutch, this will be a cool …

easy to restored classic cars

20 Easy-To-Restore Classic Cars

If you could restore any classic car, which one would it be? Maybe you’ve had a certain vintage beauty in mind since you were a teenager. Or maybe you’re still dreaming of finding a dusty old frame rusting away in a barn somewhere, just waiting for you to bring it back to life. Certain cars just seem to hold a …

1953 bel air roof

Episode 11: Project COVID-1953 – Working on the Interior & Dash

Episode 11 – Moving on to the interior, Rick gets started on the roof that was burnt in the fire. With the undercoating slightly melted and the dash rusted and warped, he had his work cut out for him. Starting with removing the old dash to make room for working on the roof, he spends a few days grinding, scraping, …

1953 bel air firewalls

Episode 10: Project COVID-1953 – Focus On The Firewall

Episode 10 – Focusing on nothing but the firewalls, Rick gets busy wire-welding and removing the rust. Remember, this car was in a fire, so this process is a little more time-consuming. The pop-riveted panels that were covering up holes; were removed, and new patch panels were welded on to create the smoother look we’re going for. Both the inside …

bel air body work

Episode 9: Project COVID-1953 – Starting on the Body Work

Episode 9 – Now that the engine is pretty much complete. Rick is ready to move to the body. The body has been damaged due to a garage fire and is heavily rusted. Some new fenders and a roof were already purchased. Starting with the firewalls, Rick gets everything grinded, wire-brushed and wire wheeled down. Using fast edge from Eastwood …

compact pickup

Remember When Compact Pickups Were Actually Compact?

Today’s “compact” pickups are much larger than their ‘70s-era counterparts. The trucks listed by U.S. World News Report as the Best Compact Pickup Trucks for 2020 & 2021 are each at least 17 feet long, which is almost a foot and a half longer than classic compact pickups. Pickup culture in North America was dramatically changed in the 1960s when …

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