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oldsmobile f-88

A Rare Classic: 1954 Oldsmobile F-88 Concept

Here at Classic Auto Insurance, we love rare cars, whether they’re vintage, collectors, or even concept cars. Perhaps the rarest vehicle is the 1954 Oldsmobile F-88 concept car. Oldsmobile only created three of these slick, gorgeous vehicles, and only one remains. Fortunately for car buffs and collectors, you can view this breathtaking piece of history at the Hendricks’ Gateway Automotive …

ep 27 front end suspension

Episode 27: Project-COVID 1953 – Front Suspension Setup

Episode 27 – Big changes. What kind of big changes? A little bit of everything having to do with the front-end suspension. Mixing a little of bit old, a little bit of new and everything in between; Rick starts working on the front-end suspension of this 1953 Chevy 150.       Episode 27 – Video Transcript Rick Drewry: All right, everybody. …

1977 thunderbird

1977 Ford Thunderbird Defines ’70s Personal-Luxury Style

Quality classic cars are excellent vehicles for both car enthusiasts and people who enjoy gems from the past. The late 1970s were a landmark moment in history for U.S. culture and vehicles. From disco to bell-bottoms, the late 1970s featured an iconic style, and a staple of this iconic style was the personal luxury vehicle. The ‘70s featured many luxury …

plymouth prowler

History of the Plymouth Prowler

The Plymouth Prowler has a colorful history and a legacy all its own. Commercially the Plymouth Prowler might not have been the best-selling model on the market by any stretch, but as a concept car that made it into production, the Prowler is an edgy, retro, and unmistakable automobile that got people talking and turned plenty of heads. There’s no …

rear end suspension

Episode 26: Project-COVID 1953 – Update On The Rear Suspension

Episode 26 – The 1953 Chevy 150 came with a second-gen 8.5” 10-bolt 373 Posi unit that Rick believes will be more than enough to handle the small block Chevy he’ll be running. Once started on the rear-end suspension, Rick discovers some traction bars were welded up oddly and some weird modifications had been made to the differential. Rick removes …

classic car

6 Classic Cars That Are Still Being Made Today

One of the coolest things about classic cars is that collectors and auto enthusiasts get to witness their evolution throughout the years. It’s fascinating to see how long-standing automobile models change their design throughout the years while retaining the signature look and feel. Any car collector can appreciate a car’s lineage and history. And what better way to appreciate that …

test firing the engine

Episode 25: Project-COVID 1953 – Test Firing The Engine & Radiator

Episode 25 – Another milestone achieved! Rick is ready to test-fire the engine! After running into a small setback, Rick put in the starter plus, hooked up the fuel hose to a gas can, and fired the engine up. The engine ran great! A soft knocking noise sparked a minor scare, until discovering a valve cover had slid off the …


Enjoy Summer with These Collectible Convertibles

Nothing says summer like enjoying a ride in your classic convertible. With the top down, wind blowing, and sunshine pouring in, driving a collectible that’s also a convertible is an incomparable experience for any car collector and enthusiast. There are about as many collectible convertibles as there are roads to drive them on. But all of them are a thrill …

powder coating

Episode 24: Project-COVID 1953 – Blasting and Powder Coating

Episode 24 – Rick shows us how to use a do-it-yourself powder coating on some of the 1953 Chevy 150 parts. Using a powder coating kit made by Eastwood, he starts off by sandblasting the parts he will be powder coating. When finished, the coating on the parts turns hard (almost hard as glass) and protects them from rusting. It’s …

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