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engine mounts

Episode 17: Project-COVID 1953 – Removing Old Engine Mounts

Episode 17 – The engine needed some modifications done. There were some old pancake-style motor mounts the previous owner had made. Rick removes all the old brackets, mounts, and engine plate ears. Getting some new mounts that are made specifically for a ’49-’54 Chevy, Rick builds a new mounting system and welds everything into place. One more step is completed …

rust removal

Episode 16: Project-COVID 1953 – Strip Rust Off Outside

Episode 16 – In this video, Rick shows the different stages of the rust removal process. A little sanding and some fast etch, finally got him down to clean bare metal. There are a few little dents that will need to be fixed, but for now it’s sanded, the rust is removed and there is a coating of epoxy primer …

winter storage

Bring Your Classic Car Back to Life After Winter Storage

Getting your classic car back on the road after a long winter hibernation is one of the best parts of spring. But before your first drive, make sure your classic auto is ready to hit the road. By checking its maintenance beforehand, you’ll extend your car’s life and performance and drive as safely as possible. Visual Inspection After rolling back …

1953 heater

Episode 15: Project-COVID 1953 – Heater Assembly

Episode 15 – Driving without heat is no one’s idea of fun during the winter, and with plans to drive around town even when it’s cold, Rick finds a nice aftermarket heater to add to the 1953 Chevy 150. A fun break from scraping off rust and a relatively simple install, Rick gets the heater mounted with no problems. Using …

ss chevelle

Chevelle SS – The All-American Muscle Car

The Chevelle SS is widely considered the ultimate classic muscle car. Maybe that’s because it’s so beautiful, so powerful, and so mysterious. Somehow, it manages to bridge the gap between classic family cars and vintage muscle cars. The Chevelle SS is also a bona fide A-list celebrity. It’s had famous Hollywood owners like Quentin Tarantino, Billy Bob Thornton, Guy Fieri, …


History of the El Camino

What exactly is an El Camino? Is it a car? Is it a truck? Is it a station wagon? Nope, it’s an El Camino, and there’s simply nothing else like it. When the Chevy El Camino cruised into the automotive world in 1959, it was met with confusion and curiosity. Developed to compete with the Ford Ranchero utility coupe, the …

covid-14-new dash

Episode 14: Project-COVID 1953 – Installing The New Dash

Episode 14 – Moving on to the dash. Rick removes the old dash while he works on the interior, the roof, the floor pan, and the brake assembly. Using a new dash that was found on eBay, Ricks gets it stripped down and poxy primed. Having created a really good mating surface for the new dash, everything fits perfectly. A …

big block vs small block

Classic Big Block vs. Small Block Engines

It’s one of those hot button topics that really revs up a classic car conversation: big block vs. small block engines. How do they differ? Which is better? Well, buckle up. We’re going to drive straight into this debate so you can decide for yourself. Let’s start by looking at what makes a small block engine different from a big …

muscle cars

The 9 Most Desired Classic Muscle Cars

There’s nothing else like ripping down the road in a powerful muscle car. And if you’re lucky enough to own one, you can just slide into the driver’s seat anytime, ease it out of the garage, and go roaring across the landscape. Muscle cars are some of the most memorable cars in American auto history. Since the late 1960s, these …

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