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1953 bel air firewalls

Episode 10: Project COVID-1953 – Focus On The Firewall

Episode 10 – Focusing on nothing but the firewalls, Rick gets busy wire-welding and removing the rust. Remember, this car was in a fire, so this process is a little more time-consuming. The pop-riveted panels that were covering up holes; were removed, and new patch panels were welded on to create the smoother look we’re going for. Both the inside …

bel air body work

Episode 9: Project COVID-1953 – Starting on the Body Work

Episode 9 – Now that the engine is pretty much complete. Rick is ready to move to the body. The body has been damaged due to a garage fire and is heavily rusted. Some new fenders and a roof were already purchased. Starting with the firewalls, Rick gets everything grinded, wire-brushed and wire wheeled down. Using fast edge from Eastwood …

compact pickup

Remember When Compact Pickups Were Actually Compact?

Today’s “compact” pickups are much larger than their ‘70s-era counterparts. The trucks listed by U.S. World News Report as the Best Compact Pickup Trucks for 2020 & 2021 are each at least 17 feet long, which is almost a foot and a half longer than classic compact pickups. Pickup culture in North America was dramatically changed in the 1960s when …

collectible cars

10 Collectible Cars to Watch For in 2021

Everyone is hoping 2021 will be a better year than 2020, and we’re no exception! 2020 was tough, but we are looking forward to the future and what classic cars may be on the rise in value. From old favorites to newer additions, here are 10 cars that might be a good investment this year according to Hagerty. 2012 Lexus …

bel air carburetor

Episode 8: Project COVID-1953 – Rebuilding The Carburetor

Episode 8 – The focus in the garage today is on the carburetor. Rick uses a Holley 600 CFM with new needle, gaskets, floats, everything. It takes some work to clean out all the passages, but when finished, it’s like brand new. Also important note, you don’t want to over-carburet an engine, so the 600 CFM pairs up perfectly with …

capping the engine

Episode 7: Project COVID-1953 – Capping The Engine

Episode 7 – Rick’s been busy finishing up the engine. Timing chain cover and water pump have been installed. He painted the oil pan and valve covers blue to match the engine block. The air gap intake has been cleaned up and mounted to the engine. Once all of that was done, Rick primes the oil pump to make sure …

protect your classic car

How To Protect Classic Cars From Everyday Hazards

There’s always going to be an innate risk when you own a classic vehicle. Whether you own a climate-controlled garage or not, everything from accident damage to theft to acts of god can cause unexpected damage or wear. As a classic car owner, the best you can do is to prepare for the worst. While we’ve already covered the basics …

classic station wagon

Classic Station Wagons; Estate Cars to Modern Hatchbacks

Like record players, thick-rimmed glasses, and paper-bound books, the station wagon’s golden age has come and gone. However, it has found new life among subtly cool hipsters with a flair for nostalgia. Most of us didn’t grow up with sports cars in our garages — we had Roadmasters and Volvos. Because of this, our brains associate station wagons with a …

history of jaguar

The History of Jaguar

Jaguar is known for being one of the most luxurious car makers in the world. It’s also without question one of the coolest car brands in the world, frequently spotted in movies like the James Bond series of films, music videos and more. Truly, there’s nothing quite like a Jaguar. But how did this classic, elegant brand of car come …

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