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August is National Inventors Month

Cugnot First Self Propelled Vehicle

August is National Inventors Month, a time to reflect upon innovation and creativity. It also gives collector car enthusiasts a chance to look back and honor the inventors who made the modern automobile possible, which evolved from an estimated 100,000 patents.

Nicolas Cugnot of France is credited with the invention of the first self-propelled vehicle in 1769. His vehicle was used by the French Army for hauling artillery and used steam power. Cugnot followed up with a similarly powered tricycle that carried up to four passengers. Interestingly, Cugnot was also the first person to ever have a motor vehicle accident after he crashed one of his steam-powered vehicles into a stone wall.

Gas-powered vehicles evolved from a series of inventions in the 1800s, but it was Nicolaus Otto who was the first to build the first effective four-stroke gas motor engine in 1876. German engineer Karl Benz built the first automobile that was powered by a gas engine in 1885 and received the first patent for a gas-powered car in 1886. He was also the first inventor to integrate the design of the engine and the chassis together. Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach used Otto’s engine to create the prototype of today’s modern gas engine in 1885.

There are different stories regarding the “invention” of modern car insurance, but it is known that the very first car insurance policy was purchased for $1,000 by Gilbert Loomis in 1897 in Dayton, OH, and it covered Loomis in case his car were to kill, injure, or damage someone’s property.

We might not have invented car insurance, but Classic Auto has truly innovative collector car insurance policies that will protect your classic, vintage, or muscle car while keeping your premiums low so that you have money left to enjoy your hobby. Our customer service experts can help you customize the antique auto policy that fits your budget and your lifestyle. Get your free instant collector car insurance quote online!

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