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Mercedes-Benz Club of America

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The Mercedes-Benz Club of America (MBCA) is the world’s largest organization for Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts. Its mission is to create exceptional experiences for its members, champion diversity among car enthusiasts, and increase its retention and membership. 

The MBCA offers members fun events that celebrate the legacy and ownership of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. They offer both casual and competitive events, and their events are also informative for those looking to learn more about vintage and contemporary Mercedes-Benz models. With almost 30,000 members and 85 different sections in North America, the MBCA offers an expansive community of Mercedes-Benz lovers. They also have sections outside of North America in various locations, including Argentina, Brazil, New Zealand, and Norway.

If you’re interested in connecting with Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts and experiencing fun and informative events, the Mercedes-Benz Club of America is perfect for you!

History of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America

Before 1952, there were an incredibly limited number of Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the United States. In fact, at the time there were only 34 registered Mercedes-Benz. Despite there being so few available, many people were still passionate about the cars produced by the German luxury vehicle company. 

Two different Mercedes-Benz clubs were established in 1956. One club was created in New Jersey while the other was formed in Chicago. In the late 1950s, the Eastern United States club formed in New Jersey gained 500 members across 19 different states. In 1959, the eastern club merged with the mid-western club to form a single national club. 

The club is not officially affiliated with Mercedes-Benz USA, but it does have full permission to use the Mercedes-Benz trademark. Mercedes-Benz representatives provide the club with information regarding the history and technical specifications of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Although there’s no official affiliation, Mercedes-Benz USA helps support the club’s functions and events. 

Mercedes-Benz Club of America Membership

Annual membership for the Mercedes-Benz Club of America is only $49 for United States residents and $59 for those living outside of the United States. Although the MBCA is a national club, different sections across the country provide different events and have their own officers and by-laws.  

One of the main aims of MBCA membership is to educate vehicle enthusiasts regardless of whether they’re drivers, restorers, engineers, or merely Mercedes-Benz lovers. 

In addition to having access to a tight-knit community of car enthusiasts, MBCA members also gain access to member rebates, classified ads, collector car insurance, access to club trips, newsletters, and more. Members also gain access to the MBCA’s official magazine The Star. The Star features informative and fascinating articles all about Mercedes-Benz vehicles. 

Upcoming MBCA Events

Different MBCA sections all around the country host events. Some MBCA events include races while others include group gatherings, parties, and how-to sessions. Perhaps the MBCA’s most notable event is the Concours d’Elegance event, where people can view breathtaking vintage Mercedes vehicles. In the competition, the vehicles are judged based on their appearance, condition, and authenticity. 

A few notable events coming in 2022 include:

  • Eastern Oklahoma Tech session – March 8 – Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • MBCA Southern Stars Section at Caffeine and Octane Jacksonville – March 12 – Jacksonville, Florida
  • Pere Marquette Getaway – March 12-13 – Grafton, Illinois
  • Shuler Autohaus – March 12 – Fayetteville, Arkansas 
  • Fish Fry 2022 – March 17 – Pewaukee, Wisconsin
  • Fort Bragg Road Trip – March 18-20 – Fort Bragg, California
  • Detail Session – March 19 – Rochester, Michigan 
  • Classic Car Museum of St Augustine Tour & Lunch – March 21-22 – St Augustine, Florida

The MBCA has numerous other events happening this year across the country, so visit their website for a complete list of events happening near you.

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