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The Most Memorable Cars From Detroit

Best and Worst Car Reveals at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show
Photo courtesy of NAIAS

The Detroit Auto Show just wrapped up this past week, and we wanted to offer some highlights of the best-in-show from the week.

Everyone agrees that the front runner from the show was the all-new Ford F-150, which now has a body made out of aluminum instead of steel, saving it an average of 700 pounds (depending on which options are added). The F-150 has been the highest selling civilian vehicle in the United States for the last 32 years.

Another hot-topic at the show was the Toyota FT-1. Still only a concept car, the FT-1 was designed to compete with other 4-seat sports cars on the market, while demonstrating that Toyota can manufacture something that has appeal and intrigue greater than other sports cars of its kind. It is still in question whether or not the FT-1 will go into production or just remain a concept.

For more highlights from the show, you can check out this video from Wall Street Journal that will take you on a tour of the “best and worst” in Detroit:



What was your favorite from Detroit? If you are planning to make a purchase on one of these new models, give Classic Auto Insurance a call for a free, instant collector car insurance quote!

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