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Maranello Releases Powerful Ferrari FXX K Hypercar

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Check out the Ferrari FXX K’s debut in Abu Dhabi

Ferrari has taken a step in an even more powerful direction, and created an even more extreme hybrid than LaFerrari. Maranello pumped out this FXX K edition that puts out 848 Horsepower, with a V12 engine, in addition to a 187 horsepower electric motor under the hood. This supercar also boasts the KERS system, also known as the Kinetic Energy Recovery System, an energy harnessing process that draws power off of the car’s braking system.

This model has been redesigned from its predecessor to be a more aerodynamic and eye-catching ride, but it won’t be available to just anyone who is interested in making a purchase, no matter how much cash you’re willing to lay down.

As part of the XX line of cars, Ferrari retains all of the supercars in this collection to lease to those few who can afford to take them for a spin around Ferrari approved tracks. Ferrari uses these XX cars as a sort of guideline to get input and suggestions from some of their top customers one things to add or take away from their more mainstream models. These rare edition cars are nothing more than a collection of potential suggestion box ideas for Ferrari to select from for their showroom models. However, this “hypercar” is certainly fun to look at, great to dream about, and we suppose…if we ever had the spare cash lying around…incredibly fun to drive!

Which of the hypercar’s attributes do you hope makes it into a future Ferrari model? Do you have an exotic car in your garage? If it’s been a while since you shopped around for your exotic car insurance coverage, take a few minutes to call Classic Auto Insurance. We can give you a free, instant quote and offer you competitive rates with the best perks available on the market. Give us a call at 888-901-1338!

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