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Learning More About Tom’s Chevy Wagon at Goodguys Nationals

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The Goodguys PPG Nationals is the biggest car show on the Goodguys’ schedule, and the 22nd annual edition on July 12 – 14, 2019 was no exception. After talking with Tom about his custom Chevy wagon, we talk with Kenneth Denney of Hot Rod Specialties in Indianapolis, Indiana, about the work he did on Tom’s behalf. Hot Rod Specialties is a fully equipped facility that focuses on complete restorations of classic vehicles, including custom designs and features based on your preferred style. All work is done in-house by highly skilled technicians who are trained and certified. With more than 30 experience, the team at Hot Rod Specialties have helped car enthusiasts all over the country repair, restore or completely build their classic collectibles.

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Video Transcript

Drew Yagodnik, Classic Auto Insurance: This is Drew with Classic Auto Insurance here at the Columbus Goodguys 2019. And we just talked to the owner of this car, Tom. And it’s fantastic. I mean, you just don’t see wagons that are being done in this fashion. What we love are the unique things. So here with Kenneth of Hot Rod Specialties. And these guys built this car. What is your favorite thing on this car other than the fact it’s out of your shop and that guy did a burnout?

Kenneth Denney, Hot Rod Specialties: Well, man, it’s tough to say on this one. There’s a lot of good stuff, but the nine passengers is kind of cool because we go to lunch, we throw everybody in the shop in it and go out on a test drive, grab some pizza and have a good time in it.

Drew: I mean it’s fantastic. I mean, we were talking to Tom, and obviously family was an important piece of this. And to your point, the nine passenger hits that mark for them. But, as far as you get a lot of people coming up saying, ‘I can’t believe you guys built this.’

Kenneth: Oh yeah, it’s … I mean, the whole time it was in the shop, people come in and be like, ‘What is that? Who’s doing the wagon?’ But it’s just, but then they’d be like, ‘It’s so cool.’

Drew: Well, and we were talking earlier about how so much of this is the story, and I think this is just a tremendous story about how these guys, Anthony and his dad, are connected and love to come to this stuff. And obviously Anthony’s kids are younger. Obviously your family’s involved in cars, so I think it’s part of that.

Kenneth: Oh yeah. I mean, I think the whole industry it’s a family thing, everybody. Like you just said, the parents get the kids into it, the kids get their kids and it’s a generational thing. And the memories growing up, going to the shows with family just brings it all back.

Drew: Look man, appreciate your time and let’s hope that continued generations keep doing stuff like that. It’s going to keep us all in business.

Kenneth: Yeah, definitely.

Drew: All right, man. Thank you very much.

Goodguys 23rd PPG Nationals

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