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Lambrecht Classic Car Auction Totals Over $2.5 Million

Lambrecht Classic & Vintage Car Auction In Pierce, Nebraska

We gave you a heads up about the Lambrecht Classic Car Auction a while back, and it turns out, it was as big of a hit as we anticipated!

Ray and Mildred Lambrecht, who live on a large farm in Pierce, Nebraska, put around 50 classic & vintage cars up for sale at the end of September, bringing in a total of over $2.5 million! These classic car collectors have been enjoying these cars for many years, some of them for many decades, and they decided it was time to share them with other car lovers.

Ray Lambrecht started out as a car dealer, and his love for the classics grew over the years, right along with his collection. Now, at the ages of 95 (Ray) and 92 (Mildred), their decision to sell the cars brought in collectors from all over the world, and even some of the original owners of the cars.

The collection consisted of over 50 classic Chevy’s, including a 1958 Camaro with only 1.3 miles on the odometer that sold for $140,000, a 1963 Impala that sold for $97,500, and a 1978 Corvette Indianapolis 500 Pace Car that sold for $80,000.

We are always glad to see collections like these shared with the public, and we hope the new owners will all respect and care for the pieces of history they are lucky enough to own. Give Classic Auto Insurance a call today for more information on how we can help you protect those classic car collections!

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