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Iola Car Show Concept Cars

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2014 Iola Old Car Show Features 3 Concept Cars

The 2014 Iola Old Car Show in Iola, Wisconsin will feature three concept cars that were previously thought to be gone forever.

Car collector Joe Bortz, a Highland Park, Illinois, resident, is the owner of three post-war four-door concept cars. He has restored two of them, and plans to do a full restoration on third one after the show at Iola. The three cars are coming to be part of the “Four for ’14,” a celebration of four door cars and trucks of all types.

The three postwar concept models include a 1955 Chevrolet Biscayne, a 1955 LaSalle II sedan, and a 1966 Duesenberg prototype.  The Biscayne and LaSalle II were created to go on display in the traveling General Motors Motorama in the postwar automobile boom.  The Biscayne was the first to include styling that would later be seen in cars like the Corvette and the Corvair, and it also sported the first V8 engine created by Chevrolet.

After the tour was completed, GM dictated that the untested cars be destroyed. Fortunately, Bortz was able to recover the pieces from the junkyard, and reassemble the cars to their original condition.  The third car, the 1966 Duesenberg, never made it past prototype phase, but has been kept in mint condition through the years.

If you would like more information on the show, or if you’re ready to purchase your tickets, you can find more information on the Iola website. To make sure your cars are taken care of, or to get information on a collector car insurance policy for a potential restoration, give our customer service representatives a call at 888-901-1338.

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