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Hudson Hornet Sold at Mecum Auction

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1953 Hudson Hornet Convertible Brougham Sold At Mecum Auction

1953 Hudson Hornet Convertible Brougham. Photo of courtesy Mecum Auctions.

The Hudson Hornet may not be high on many collectors’ lists, but it certainly made a surprise appearance and sale at this year’s Mecum Auction in Anaheim, CA.

This 1953 Hudson Convertible Brougham, complete with a Twin-H power option, was sold at Mecum for $150,000. During the original manufacturing period for the Hornet in 1951, over 130,000 Hudson models were sold, and that included all of the different body styles of Hornets (over 43,666 models sold of the Hornet that year).

Soon after this success, the Hornet saw a serious decline in sales, possibly because of the lack of a V8 engine in the earlier models. Hudson attempted to compensate with the Twin-H Power Package, and that’s how we got the Convertible Brougham.

The Twin-H Power package came with a pair of one-barrel Carter WA-1 carburetors, a cast-iron intake manifold and low-restriction air cleaners. These additions gave the Hornet an increase of 15 hp, totalling 160 hp.

The Hudson Hornet sold at Anaheim last week underwent a thorough restoration, and has fewer than 1000 post-restoration miles on it.

If you are the proud owner of a Hudson Hornet, we know you have an eye for unique cars and unmatched quality. Give the insurance experts at Classic Auto a call today to find out how we can help you save money and protect your classic car collection!

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