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Here Are 5 Pitfalls to Look Out For As a Classic Car Owner

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Being a classic car owner offers unique benefits. You get to drive in your own unique piece of history, and they’re absolutely breathtaking on the road. Unfortunately, owning a classic car also comes with distinct drawbacks and challenges, and you need to be aware of these obstacles if you’re considering investing in a classic car. In this blog, we discuss the biggest challenges with owning a classic car.

#1 Lack of Safety Features

Although classic cars often offer impressive driving performances and style, they often lack necessary safety features. Airbags weren’t incorporated into vehicles until the 1970s, and manufacturers weren’t obligated to install airbags until 1998. This means that many classic cars on the road lack these basic safety features. Additionally, seatbelts weren’t mandatory until 1968, meaning that some classic cars lack this very necessary safety feature.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to install airbags into an older vehicle, but you can install a seatbelt. The law does not require classic car owners to install seat belts, but you may want to in the interest of your safety and the safety of your passengers. Whether or not you choose to install a safety belt, you should make sure to maintain the integrity of your vehicle by keeping up with oil changes, checking your tire pressure, and having a qualified mechanic inspect your vehicle annually.

#2 Trouble Finding a Mechanic

As a classic car owner, you need to have your classic car inspected yearly, but that’s more challenging than you may think. Modern-day mechanics have exceptional computer-based tools for diagnosing problems, but their diagnostic equipment doesn’t work on classic cars. You need a mechanic who can fix your car by listening to it or inspecting it without the use of technology.

Fortunately for classic car owners, there are many different classic car organizations and communities that share invaluable information regarding their vehicles. If you’re having trouble finding a mechanic who can fix classic cars, consider connecting with a local classic car organization in your area. Its members may know of a reliable and qualified mechanic.

#3 Difficulty Finding Vintage Parts

Like with finding the right mechanic, finding the right parts for your classic beauty is often quite challenging. Many classic cars didn’t receive the mass manufacturing treatment that contemporary cars undergo, which means that it’s tough to find parts that will work for your vehicle. This is perhaps the greatest challenge that classic car owners face.

We recommend that you connect with other classic car owners both locally and online so that you have an easier time finding resources for replacement parts. Many classic car forums will likely help you with your search. Additionally, there are websites for finding classic car part replacements, such as ENGG, Kanter, and Jegs.

#4 High Octane Fuel

Throughout automotive history, vehicles have required a depreciating degree of octane. Lower degrees of octane is less harmful to the environment, but it poses a problem for many classic car owners because their vehicles require a higher octane level. You need to find a gas station that offers high-octane fuel. Additionally, some classic vehicles have difficulty handling ethanol, meaning that you’ll need to find pure, high-octane gasoline for your classic ride.

#5 Finding Affordable Insurance

The final pitfall you need to be aware of as a classic car owner is trouble finding affordable insurance. The age of your vehicle and how rare it is will likely impact your car insurance rates, especially if it’s difficult to find replacement parts for it. You need to find a premium car insurer that specializes in classic cars. Otherwise, you could end up paying out of pocket if you total your vehicle or if someone steals it.

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Here at Classic Auto Insurance, we know all about classic vehicles as well as their benefits and drawbacks. We create individualized policies for classic car owners because we know that every classic vehicle is unique and has its own needs.

In addition to great insurance coverage on classic vehicles, we also offer additional benefits like nationwide flatbed towing, agreed-upon value, and inflation guard. To learn more about how Classic Auto Insurance can keep your classic beauty on the road for years to come, call our vehicle experts at 888-901-1338 or click here for an instant quote.

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