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Four Reasons the 1941 Cadillac Series 67 Was a Unique Beauty

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For an incredibly brief moment, General Motors produced one of the most breathtaking Cadillac iterations: the Cadillac Series 67. At the time of their release, Series 67 was widely overlooked because of the Fleetwood Series 75, but today, Cadillac lovers recognize the Series 67 for its power and style. 

GM released this Fisher bodied Series 67 only from 1941 to 1942, making it highly rare and unique from other Cadillacs. In 1942, GM halted production in order to redirect its resources to support the military in World War II. Although GM resumed production on the Series 75 after the war, it never resumed production on the Cadillac Series 67. 

Although it often doesn’t receive the recognition and acclaim it deserves, the Series 67 is a stunning entry in Cadillac’s lengthy history. 

#1. Memorable Body

The Cadillac Series 67 came in four different configurations, some of which accommodated five passengers while others accommodated seven.

The vehicle bears some resemblance to the Cadillac Fleetwood Series 75, but it offers attractive differences. With its gorgeous fender skirts and strakes, the Series 67 offers the kind of classic and stylish body that one would ordinarily only see in Golden Age Hollywood films. Additionally, the Series 67’s wheelbase is three inches longer than the Fleetwood Series 75. The Series 75 has a 136-inch wheelbase while the Series 67 has 139 inches. 

The Series 67s were often used as chauffeur vehicles, so the body is longer and resembles classic limousines. Its unique, torpedo-style body was also used for Buick’s Series 90.

#2. Powerful V8 Engine

General Motors equipped all 1941 Cadillacs with a 346 cubic-inch flathead V8 engine. The engine is made up of a cast-iron block and head, and it has 150 horsepower at 3,400 revolutions per minute. The engine also features hydraulic lifters and three main bearings. The Series 67’s engine also came equipped with a Stromberg AAV-26 Carburetor. 

#3. Hydra-Matic Transmission

The Cadillac Series 67 came with two transmission options: a three-speed manual transmission and a Hydra-Matic automatic transmission. General Motors first utilized the Hydra-Matic transmission in 1939 for their Oldsmobiles, and 1941 was the first year in which they installed Hydra-Matics into Cadillacs. 

The Hydra-Matic bears historical significance because it was the first fully-automatic transmission to be mass-produced for passenger vehicles. 

#4. Iconic Grille

The Cadillac Series 67 featured a prominent egg-crate-style grille. Cadillac likely developed this type of grille because of the 1938 Lincoln Zephyr. Traditional vertical grilles suffocated vehicles’ radiators, preventing them from functioning properly. The chief stylist at Lincoln came up with the horizontal grille to fix the issue. 

The notable automotive designer Harley Earl came out with a similar design for Cadillacs in 1941, meaning the Series 67 was one of the first Cadillacs to come equipped with this iconic grille style. 

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