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Ford TriMotor Airplane Showcased at Purdue Airport

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100-year-old Ford TriMotor airplane

On this day in history: Henry Ford laid down his busy work schedule in an attempt to enjoy retirement.

Recently, an Indiana town got to honor the memory of Henry Ford and his fantastic work, and also the memory of another American legend, Neil Armstrong.

An extremely historic, almost 100-year-old Ford TriMotor airplane was recently showcased at the Purdue Airport to give Purdue aviation students a glimpse into the technology of the past. Students were amazed at the piece of history and impressed with how far technology has come over the last century.

This plane was not only one of the historic pieces built by the Ford Motor Company, but the Ford TriMotor is the first aircraft that was flown by American legend and Purdue graduate, Neil Armstrong.

So here at Classic Auto, we wanted to pause for a moment and remember these two legendary people who changed the course of American history. Thank you to Henry Ford for creating the iconic American vehicle and leaving us with a legacy of extraordinary automotive technology. Also, thank you to Neil Armstrong for having such a commitment to excellence, and for helping our American Space Program reach the level of success and achievement is rests at today.

If you would like to learn more about how you can protect one of the legendary vehicles left behind by Henry Ford, you can get a free classic car insurance quote online today!

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