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[Video] World of Wheels 2020: Ford Model A Hot Rod Called Nailed

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The 2020 Indy World of Wheels certainly had a lot of cars this year, but when you talk to the car builders and owners you understand the true passion behind all of these amazing automobiles. Classic Auto’s Drew Yagodnik hits the floor to collect these tales that recall the funny, incredible and touching memories of what the cars and their owners have seen. It usually paints a very colorful picture. 

Perfect example of the passion behind the car is this interview with Dale where Drew gets the scoop on his awesome 1930 Ford Model A Hot Rod.

Interview Transcript:

Drew: Hi, this is Drew with Classic Auto Insurance. We’re here at the 2020 Indianapolis World of Wheels. And I’m here with Dale with a really phenomenal hot rod built here, 1930. Tell us a little bit about why you decided on this specific project? And you did pour a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this one?

Dale: Oh yeah, that’s for sure. I have some other cars. I got a ’67 Chevelle and a station wagon and a truck, so I wanted to do something in a traditional hot rod. And I really liked the sedan body style, but I wanted it chopped down and made into a hot rod, so that was kind of my thought on this particular car.

Drew: Right. And tell us a little bit, you were saying about it’s an all-steel body. You had to do obviously a lot of modification to the top, so tell me a little bit about that.

Dale: Okay. Yeah, a traditional body off of a 1930 Model A. And then a Model A has a big hole in the top once you take the roof off. So we took the top off of a ’57 Ford Sedan Delivery and used it for the top because I wanted that body line. So I can truly say that it’s all steel, and it’s all Ford, even the top.

Drew: Right. And the motor is not, right? I mean, that’s pretty cool.

Dale: Yeah, the motor is a 1966 Buick 401, and they’re nicknamed the nailhead. That came from the 60s. It’s a very unique style, and ’66 was the last year that they made them.

Drew: Right. And then is this the first show that you’ve brought the car to or is it debuted somewhere else?

Dale: No, this was its first show. It’s only been done… I went and picked it up two weeks ago yesterday at the upholstery shop, so it’s fresh. And this is the first time out.

Drew: And then how long did the build take you guys?

Dale: We started in September of ’18, so a year and a half.

Drew: That’s pretty good.

Dale: Well, somebody was working on it all the time, just sourcing parts and getting together and keeping everybody a plan together for what I’m going to do and somebody else is going to do and all that. I mean, it’s a lot of effort for sure.

Drew: Have you guys been able to test drive it a little bit?

Dale: I drove it about 10 miles. I actually drove it in here in the building just so people could see that it did run and move.

Drew: Yeah, sure.

Dale: So, yep. And it’s fun.

Drew: It’s awesome, and we appreciate your time. It’s always great to see really unique cars continuing to come out. So thanks again, Dale. Appreciate it. Thank you.

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