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[Video] Ford GT Heritage

Held annually in August, Artomobilia Weekend 2018 included a celebration of three generations of the Ford GT, captured in an image that brings the beloved car’s heritage to life. Our video of the photo shoot gives you a closer look at the five cars that represent decades of Ford Performance excellence.

1966 Ford GT Race Car

This classic high-performance racer is developed to outrun the Ferrari, which dominates long-distance races at the time. The ‘66 GT is based on the British Lola Mk6, designed and built entirely in the U.S. using American-made engine parts. The GT40 wins the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans Race – the first American car to do so – and subsequent year models also win the same race three more consecutive times. GT40s take the top three spots at the 1966 12 Hours of Sebring. In international racing, it wins the 1966 World Sportscar Manufacturer’s Championship and World Sportscar Championship for Sportscars.

1968 Ford GT Road Car

Many GT fans call this the most beautiful model Ford ever created. It becomes an instant legend, with timeless looks that bring a desire for racing style to America’s highways. Under the hood, its 427-cid engine continues the Ford GT tradition of extreme speed. For any layman who’s ever dreamed of becoming a race car driver, owning one of these collectibles provides the ultimate driving experience. In 2012, a ‘68 GT used in a Steve McQueen movie breaks the all-time record for the highest price of an American-made car that ever sells at auction, at $11 million.

2005 Ford GT Road Car

In the wake of a 20-year economic slump for Ford, many auto experts have their doubts about the introduction of the 2005 Ford GT. But it rocks the car world when it is produced in a limited edition of 500 hp sports cars with exotic good looks and a structure that echoes the Ferrari 360 Modena. The 2005 GT gives sportscar fanatics a renewed faith in Ford to produce a high-speed, high-profile stunner that’s sleek and fun to drive. It gains instant celebrity status, is featured on the cover of the Gran Turismo 4 video game and becomes part of the Transformers toy and movie franchise.

2018 Ford GT Race Car

Today’s Ford GT race car is part of a new generation of exclusive performance racers produced only for a limited group of select buyers. Every single part it contains is meticulously rethought and redesigned from the ground up. It has a 647 hp engine,.5L EcoBoost technology and an exterior carefully crafted for efficient aerodynamics. During its design phase, it is tested repeatedly in the world’s strongest wind tunnel. This car’s tagline says it all: “Street legal, race proven.” It is a strong race competitor, winning all the way to Le Mans.

2018 Ford GT Road Car

The road version of the 2018 Ford GT takes the best of racing design and applies it to a vehicle with everyday drivability. It’s considered the new American supercar, because it combines the heritage of Ford specialty racers with features that have widespread appeal to car buyers. The Ford GT comes with the Ford GT Purchasing Experience. Having one of these beauties delivered is an event totally unlike buying from a car lot. As your GT rolls off the delivery platform, a concierge from the company is on hand to describe all the car’s features in detail and answer your questions. Fans say it has forever changed their perspective on what it means to buy a car.

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