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A History of the First Great American Car

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Model T Ford

Here at Classic Auto Insurance, we can’t pick a favorite car, but it’s hard not to love the car that was the model first available to the masses.

Henry Ford may not have invented the gas powered vehicle, but his invention of the modern-day assembly line manufacturing system made his Model-T Ford the first car to be mass-produced and therefore available to a much wider audience than any car had been before.

Henry Ford designed and produced his first Model-T in 1908 (model year of 1909), and over the next several years, he implemented his design for the moving assembly line production system. By the end of 1913, Ford’s assembly line production system had decreased the time required to produce one vehicle down from 12 hours and eight minutes to one hour and 33 minutes. The drastic time reduction allowed for a much higher production rate, lower costs and greater profit margins which allowed the Ford Model-T to become America’s first iconic car.

By the time the last Model-T was produced in 1927, Henry Ford had perfected the production time of the vehicle down to only 24 seconds.

So many of these Classic Collector Cars have survived today because of the unique type of steel that Henry Ford used. Previously, vanadium steel had only been used in French luxury cars, but Henry Ford financed a steel mill and a research program to develop this type of steel for use in his Model-T’s. The tensile strength of this alloy made the Model-T up to three times stronger than any of its competitors.

You can read a much more in-depth history of the Model-T from this Collector Car Website. If you are the proud owner of one of these amazing Ford Model-T’s, Antique Car Insurance is a must-have. Don’t let your car go uninsured; call Classic Auto Insurance today for a free quote on Antique Car Insurance!!

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