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The FIRST Chevy Camaro

On this day in history: The first Chevy Camaro was sold in 1967!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, it’s time to look at a little bit of Camaro history and honor a piece of American history as well!

The first line of Chevy Camaros was built with a steel rail subframe and Double A-arms to make up the front end suspension. The rear axle was held with semi-elliptical leaf springs. This design and structure allowed for a sturdy body that has held up over the years, and Camaro owners will tell you about the fantastic condition many of their ’67 Camaros are still in today.

The base line model 1967 Camaro also got a (for that time) high horsepower rating of 140, and operated on a twisting three-speed manual transmission.

There were engine upgrades you could pay for, ensuring you’d get more power and speed from your Camaro, but whatever engine you chose, you could be sure you were making a part of classic car history with this purchase!

Were you one of the lucky people who got to buy an original 1967 Chevy Camaro? We desperately want to hear your story! Leave us a comment or email us pictures of your first Camaro and we’ll share them on the blog. While you’re at it, get a FREE instant muscle car insurance quote from us and find out how we can insure your original classic cars!

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