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Collector and Classic Car Insurance for Less

Finding the Right Ferrari Insurance Policy

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Specialty Insurance Policies For Ferrari Collector Cars

The Ferrari is the ultimate sports car and a dream vehicle for many collector car enthusiasts. Considered a status symbol, the brand “Ferrari” is synonymous with speed, power and opulence. Every Ferrari owner takes great pride in his car and is willing to spend any amount of money in order to maintain his vehicle in top condition.

What to consider when looking for Ferrari insurance

  • Mileage and Usage – While deciding on the insurance packages for Ferrari models, insurance agencies give primary importance to factors like mileage and usage expectations. This will help them find the insurance plan that suits the vehicle best.
  • History of the Owner’s Previous Vehicle(s) – Another important factor is whether the client previously owned a Ferrari or a similar vehicle. If so, the company will be interested in that vehicle’s insurance history.
  • Security Features – Vehicle security is also another deciding factor while searching for the perfect Ferrari insurance plan. Insurance companies check that you have a garage and security arrangements to know how secure your car is.
  • Driver Details – In addition to the above mentioned factors, the driver’s age, and his driving and accident history are also considered before the insurance company offers insurance coverage.
  • Annual Mileage Allowance – Some plans also specify tiered mileage plans.

Ferrari Insurance from Classic Auto

  • Specialized Insurance – It always makes sense to look at a specialized insurance plan for your special car.
  • Coverage for Different Ferrari Models – Be it your Ferrari F40, F50, 1968 365 California, F430 Coupe or any other, we have insurance packages covering all aspects of different Ferrari models.
  • Special Coverage for Older Models – Older models like those from the 338, 328 ranges, and Testarossa, get special coverage under Classic Car Insurance plans.

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