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Know Your Ride: Exotic Cars and Supercars

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Exotic cars, otherwise known as luxury cars or supercars, are quite the craze these days. They are also often custom made with fittings that are explicitly requested by the buyer or are often modified after purchase.

In the United States, the term “supercar” predates the classification of muscle car to describe the "dragstrip bred" affordable mid-size cars of the 1960s and early 1970s that were equipped with large, powerful V8 engines and rear wheel drive. The combination of a potent engine in a lightweight car began with the 1957 Rambler Rebel that was described as a “veritable supercar”. In 1966, the supercar became an official industry trend as the four domestic automakers needed to cash in on the supercar market with eye-catching, heart-stopping cars.

Some great examples of the use of the early term “supercar” can be found in the May 1965 issue of the American magazine Car Life, with articles on, “A road test of the Pontiac GTO”, and "How Hurst puts American Motors into the Supercar club with the 390 Rogue (the SC/Rambler) to fight in the Supercar street racer gang market segment”. The supercar market segment included regular production models in different muscle market segments (such as the "economy supercar"), as well as limited edition, documented dealer-converted vehicles.

Exotic Cars
An exotic car is rare, a work of art, a collectible. It is one that is extremely unique. It may perform at a high level compared to contemporary sports cars. To drive one of these would change your view of how cars should be made. What kind of a ride qualifies as an exotic car?  Rare models that are elite and may not ever be enjoyed by the majority of the public, models that are considered to be of the utmost value, those are the ones that are typically considered to be exotic.

The spirit of Ferrari began with Enzo Ferrari who was one of the first great racers. The foundation of Ferrari marked the start of a frenetic sporting activity. This spurred the creation of powerful, exotic cars that are characteristic of Ferrari today. Because the visionaries behind Ferrari were one of the first innovators of exotic supercars, many argue that they deserve the #1 spot for Best Exotic Car Maker.

The founder of Lamborghini made his name building farm equipment. He owned a Ferrari but noticed that he had to keep replacing the clutch. To his surprise, his own farm equipment clutches were better replacements. Thus, the beginning of the rivalry between Ferrari and Lamborghini was born. The spirit of competition spurred continual innovation over the years, producing ever-improved exotic cars every year.

Insure your Exotic Car
While conventional insurance goes by the notion that the value of a car depreciates over time; classic car insurance believes that the value appreciates over time. Keep it balanced when it comes to insuring your exotic car – the insurance should match your ride. Whether they are driven or not, you can always benefit from choosing the right kind of insurance. If you have altered your driving habits, check about reducing the coverage on the cars you no longer drive.

Classic Auto Insurance offers exotic car insurance policies that boast standard features you can’t find with typical auto insurance coverage. Our exotic car insurance clients benefit from roadside assistance, tiered mileage plans with rollover, payment plans, agreed value, pet coverage, multiple deductible options, modification coverage, and spare part coverage. We even offer discounts for large car collections and car club memberships.

For more information on insurance for your exotic cars, get a free instant online luxury car insurance quote from us today!


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is Vice President of Classic Automobile Insurance Agency, Inc. Classic Automobile Insurance Agency has been protecting collector, classic and exotics since 1992.

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