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Episode 8 – New Parts & Final Prep Before Paint

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Episode 8 – The Project C10 crew takes delivery on important parts – a 700 R4 transmission kit with overdrive and a new torque converter plus new cross members and a new suspension. We get the block all cleaned up, then seal it and prep it with an epoxy primer. We bolt in the new cross member, skim coat the frame with body filler and do the final prep before the next step: painting it Chassis Black.

Episode 8 – Video Transcript

Rick Drewry: Here’s what’s next on Project C10.Time for an update. We ended up getting a whole bunch of parts on the table back here. We’re going to start mocking up the chassis. We got new cross members. We got new suspension. So, this is going to be a fun part. We get to mock everything up. Then we’re going to get everything together. It will just make things, when we do final assembly, that much easier.

Derek: All right, first up, we’re going to start with the main cross member for the rear suspension. We are going to have to grind down all these rivets, both the bottom and the top, to get it out of there. The new one, basically, bolts in place. So, that’s step one. Make sure you tell Robbie Baker not to put any product in his hair when he comes over here and cuts on the frame.

Rick: Another cool thing that we got, we ended up going with a 700 R4 transmission. We wanted the overdrive. Comes in a kit from Monster Transmissions. Complete transmission. Completely redone. New torque converter. Everything you need to convert and fit it to your project.

Derek: Okay. Today, we are going to get the block all cleaned up, remove the gaskets, get all the paint removed the rest of the way after completing most of that task yesterday. We are going to seal the block, paint it, prep it with an epoxy primer so we can use a regular automotive paint on it. That epoxy primer is going to be a heat barrier as well as help it adhere to the metal as well.
Rick: All right, we’ve got the old one out. New one’s going in. What are we doing, Brian?
Brian: Just bolting these things in and that’s about all I know at this point. I do as I’m told.
Rick: All right. You’re doing a good job.

Rick: A couple other things that we were doing is the roll pan that we’re using as well as having a bumper. We’ve got our holes for the brackets to go through. We had to actually raise the pocket up for the license plate because it was too low. If you didn’t have a bumper it wouldn’t matter, but it was too low, and the bumper now was covering half of the license plate. So, we had to cut it out, raise it up and then we also put supports on the ends. All of this is just roughed in, as well as putting supports on the back here so it mounts solid. So, now it’s down to grinding the weld, smoothing things out, skim coating it and getting it into primer.

All right, on our frame we’re almost to the point where we’re going to start doing a little body filler. We’ve got most of the holes filled and you can see where we’ve ground them smooth, but we still want to put a skim coat of body filler over it just to make it completely smooth before we paint it. So, this has been time consuming but well worth it because it’s going to look really good when it’s done. Then once that’s all done, we prime it and then we’re going to paint it. It’ll be Chassis Black, and then we can actually set it up and start doing final assembly on the chassis.

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