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Episode 7: Project COVID-1953 – Capping The Engine

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Episode 7 – Rick’s been busy finishing up the engine. Timing chain cover and water pump have been installed. He painted the oil pan and valve covers blue to match the engine block. The air gap intake has been cleaned up and mounted to the engine. Once all of that was done, Rick primes the oil pump to make sure oil is flowing through every push rod into the rocker arms. After that checked out, everything was bolted together, capped off and sealed up. We’re about there! A few more things need done and the engine will be ready to install. Up next, is the carburetor.

Episode 7 – Video Transcript

Rick Drewry:
Okay, I got the long block put together. Now I need to do a few more things to get the engine closer to being complete. I put the timing chain cover on and the water pump. Also put on the oil pan valve covers, but I did paint them first to kind of match. They were aluminum finned; both the valve covers and oil pan so, basically I painted between the fins blue to match the engine block. Then, from there, I cleaned up the air gap intake that’s going on top. I actually cleaned it and got it ready and I mounted it to the engine as well.

I also primed the oil pump, made sure that I had oil flowing through every one of the push rods into the rocker arms. Everything was good. So I basically did that, and then bolted everything together and then capped off the top of the engine with a hoist plate, bolt and carburetor plate and then just sealed up the engine and covered it up. It’s going to go in the car after I get more things done and then I’ll use the car itself just to test fire it. I’ve got all that done. Next step, I’m going to be working on the carburetor.

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